Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Neglected Pepper Plant

Sometimes things can grow out of almost nothing.  In one of our Earthboxes, we had a red pepper plant growing.  Of course, the weather got to hot in our central Florida summers and so the plants died out. 

There was no need to water it any longer as the plant was at the end of its life cycle.

Lately, we have not had much rain, other than foggy nights which bring a little moisture to our world. 

However, I was looking at our red pepper plant and noticed that it had come back to life.  In fact, it had a couple of peppers on it.

Now these peppers didn't look all that great.  When you think of them coming from the neglected pepper plant, I think it is pretty cool what could be produced. 

I'm still not sure how a plant with little water could revive itself and grow these peppers, but it did.

The earthbox is a self contained growing box that I love and does a great job.  However, you have to add water to it.  Water doesn't just get in there easily.

So, as I compare this to life, sometimes we think we are neglected pepper plants.  Maybe our lives had experiences where we were neglected or mistreated or abused.  Yet, somehow, we've made it this far.

We've survived and we are growing and thriving.  We're producing fruit from our life.  Yeah, we might have some blemishes, but to grow something beautiful out of nothing is pretty darn impressive in my eyes.

So maybe instead of seeing all of the ugliness we have experienced, let us not forget to look at the fruit that was produced.  As we reach out to others and heal ourselves, we're working to make a neglected pepper plant into something so needed to sustain life.


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