Saturday, December 10, 2016

Does Your Word Mean Anything?

More and more these days, we are showing our true colors to everyone and we are not always realizing that we do this.  Often, there are many that will say one thing and then totally act as if they never said it.  This seems to be the pattern of how the "people in the media" do things and it is carrying over to everyone from every walk of life.

Does your word mean anything?  Do you say one thing today and then act as if you've never said it or that you didn't mean what you said?  Maybe you make a statement and then try to parse the words out in 50 different ways, focusing on the thought that you didn't mean for it to be there.

Yes, I know it is possible to try and explain things away later and make it sound as if our words were misconstrued, but when you say something with a particular intent, trying to go back on it later with a different meaning causes a trust discrepancy.

Growing up, I lived in a house where doublespeak was practiced.  What would be said one time, would mean something totally different the next time.  It was like the same statement or word would have two different meanings and there was no way you could figure that out at the time.  It could be used as a weapon against you regardless of how it was used.

Which one is true?

I see people who talk against or publicly endorse others, but then they switch their positions as if they were changing their socks.  Their word means hardly anything because how do you trust what they first said about a person or what they are now saying.  Which one is true?  If they changed their minds on the person that easily, how do you know if what they say will mean anything in the future.

Sure, I realize that sometimes after further evaluation we see things different than when we made particular statements.  However, I think we are too quick to speak and we really need to think more before we speak.  Just to speak up and get noticed and claim power is not a reason for endorsing or criticizing someone else.

If we want our word to mean anything, we have to be more careful of what we say.  If we are freely speaking, but not thinking, our word will not mean anything to anyone.  Yes, it might make for good publicity and getting in the spotlight, but long term, your base of support will be built upon loose sand.
Doublespeak is not helpful to anyone in the long term and while you might fool some of the people some of the time, you won't fool all of them all of the time.  Yes, that's a cliche', but it is so true.  People can and do see through doublespeak and the only way for your word to mean anything is to mean what you say.

Our word is what others hear from us.  If it is not backed up by a compassionate heart and a caring mind, it becomes as noise in the wind.  If it is not backed up by consistency, it becomes nothing more than a wave that comes into the shore and leaves again.  May we learn how to make our word mean something so we can help elevate humanity across this planet.


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  1. There seems to be such a strong tide of untrue word in the general climate of public awareness. The lie is already so very ingrained in human communication. If only people would see the long term effects and benefits of honesty.

    1. Yes, so very true. Honesty gets us so much further and it becomes something that others inherently know they can trust in us.






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