Sunday, December 25, 2016

Does Peace Start Within You

Let it ring through the season.  Let peace fill our hearts.  Let peace reign over the earth.

We all want peace for the world and our lives.  We all want there to be less strife and war and all the screaming and yelling we see happen every day.

Yet, it seems like we do everything but what is required for peace.

I need to ask the question, Does Peace Start Within You? 

We can look for peace in all the places we look for it.  We can expect others to be at peace.  We can hold our leaders to the precipice where peace reigns, but aren't we forgetting about ourselves?

You see, its so easy to expect everyone to live a life of peace and therefore make our lives peaceful.  It's easy to expect others to live the way we think they should because if we focus upon this thought, we deflect what is going on within our own life.

Why not in the celebration of peace this year, we seek to find peace within our own life?  Let us search deep within and come to know our own peace, so that it radiates out to the rest of the world.  For peace that does not start within us has a foundation as shaky as sand on the ocean shore.

Peace needs to start within you and me and everyone individually.  It is when we do what we need to do, rather than pointing the fingers, that we find there is more peace in this world than we imagined.  It is not up to others to do this for us.

It is up to each and everyone of us to play a critical starring role in bringing peace to the world.  First, it must start within each one of us before we can spread it to the world.


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