Monday, January 12, 2015

Puff The Magic Ego

Too often I see people portray a vast knowledge to their following, but what I see beneath it is pure and simple BS.  That may seem harsh and it probably is, but it is the truth.  There are far too many in the new age world of enlightenment and alternative healing that love to puff the magic ego up.

You see this by how they act as if they have all the answers.  You see it by how they just make claims and far out pseudo science that is anything but repeatable and true.  You see it by how they "market" and "polish" their brand even though they have only half a clue of what they purport to be true.

Puff the magic ego... puff it up.  Make it out to be the one and only true source.  They are no better than the grandstanding religious people or the ones that are attempting to attract all the attention they can get.  Yes, these people can sometimes get you to think they are the way, the truth, and the life in the world.  They are cunning and crafty, but in the end, its the ego that walks before them in their footsteps.

The more I learn about my own healing and journey, the more I see just how much is believed, but untested and not proven.  Much of this stuff is nothing more than the placebo effect.  Much of this stuff can only be proven upon those that believe and drink from the same tap.

If you want people to believe what you're peddling, show them through your life.  Don't show them a perfect life, unless you're a saint that has gone to the heavens.  Show them how real you are, including your high points, your low points, and all the fears as well as triumphs you experience in your day.  Be real.  Be human.  Be an actual person.

Puffing the magic ego up because it makes you feel good to do this, really helps no one.  You're not adding to humanity or the world.  You're not advancing consciousness.  You're just putting yourself high above everyone else.

When you can repeat what it is you claim and when others can repeat what it is you claim to be true, then you begin to have something worth claiming.  Yet, it isn't words or thoughts that matter here.  It is the experience of each individual.  For what a person experiences and knows to be true through that experience, is something to shout from the mountain tops.

What a person knows to experience in the physical body that is grounded deep into the earth and not just in la la land, is an experience worth replicating.  Too many have mind altered experiences, but they have no clue what it means to be grounded, even if they proclaim the words.

There is far too much hypocrisy in every day life and in those that claim to have their own views.  We have to remain balanced.  We have to stand up to the scrutiny of time and allow others to critique what it is that we feel and know.  We cannot just claim we are an enlightened individual or online company, but we must see if in the face of critique that we can stand strong.

Humanity deserves nothing less than this.  The universe expects us to be all we can be, but that requires us to be real and not puff the magic ego up at every turn.  There is far to much falseness in the world and far too many practicing it.  It is time we discover what humanity and consciousness is all about.  It all starts within us.  It all starts when we choose to become one with something much greater than ourselves.

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