Monday, January 19, 2015

Startled Awake At Night By Snakes

The other night I was awakened out of my sleep around 3am.  This is the time of night when if difficult moments will happen, it will take place in these hours.  On this particular night I was startled out of my sleep by a nightmare about snakes.

It has been some time since I last had nightmares about snakes and was startled awake.  In the past, I have had to turn on all the lights, strip the covers off the bed and shake them out, just to prove to myself that there were no snakes in the bed.  Fortunately this time, I did not have to do this.

When I awoke, I thought was screaming loudly and my breathing was at a rapid pace like it would be in an anxiety attack.  I was frightened beyond belief.  There was nothing good about this nightmare.

In the nightmare, I remember a gray metal slide with a couple of minor twists and turns in it going down into the middle of a big pond or small lake surrounded by trees.  The water was dark, but there were snakes swimming around and also crawling up the slide and sliding down it.  There were many people hanging all over the slide and standing in the water.  They were coaxing me to slide down but I was so scared and frightened.  Once I slid down, there was snakes wrapping themselves around me.  This was the point I was startled awake.

I know dreams can sometimes be interrupted and certain animals may mean one thing or another.  I get that.  However, everything I've read on this doesn't come close to making sense.  I could create a story from it, but I don't want to do that.  I want things to evolve normally and in their own way.

Too often, it is too easy to make simplistic statements about what something like this might be. However, that can run into dangerous territory because a suggestion at the wrong time can imprint something more permanent on the brain.  Getting in the way of the story unfolding is never positive for a brain or an individual.

I've had nightmares in the past that have went on for years and it took much work before they unfolded a story to me.  I don't know if this is the same situation or not, but I know that until a person is ready for it, the brain is very protective in what it allows one to handle in their life.

I do get the sense that this nightmare is something frightening and may be connected to events long ago.  It is very intense and whatever is unfolding is not a good thing.  This much I do know.

It has been some time since these nightmares have showed up.  I do realize I'm under tremendous stress right now which may also be kicking it up again.  It will be interesting to see it unfold.  For now, I'm content to just be with whatever it is and let it be in its own way.

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