Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Character

I'm seeing a trend that I don't like.  It affects me personality and it has to do with our character, our work ethic, and who we are as humans.  Either we're so numb and oblivious, or we just don't care any longer about our character.

One project I've been on, I take support calls.  While I try to be there for everyone and help them the best way I possibly can, it feels like I'm getting taken advantage of by many different callers.  Little effort is used to use basic common sense or troubleshooting skills, before calling me.  It always amazes me that these people are hired for these jobs and then act as if they don't have any way to troubleshoot or use common sense.  This is the part of these people that makes up their character.

I see people on Facebook that feel like posting one saying after another or one sharing one pretty thought image after another is somehow good.  Its like walking up to a person and talking nonstop and loud.  There's no respect or time out to even think about respecting another person.  Its an invasion into their personal space.  This is part of the character of people and it is so often overlooked.

There are companies out there that promote good products and yet they turn spiritual concepts into contests to get sales.  I think it is despicable.  I really don't have a desire to be part of that because I think some things you hold sacred.  If you don't hold them sacred, you will lose them.  Justify it all you want and make it into a happy event, but some things are still sacred.  Crossing the line in this way is part of our character or lack there of in humans.

I see people who only see one side of the equation in life.  Its difficult to communicate with them because there is always more than one side to an equation in life.  It is called balance.  If you spend all of your time in one end of it or the other, your life is not in balance.  I struggle with people like this, because they don't come across as fully authentic.  Authenticity is part of our character and its getting lost more and more in our world.

Our character is our stamp on life of who we are.  It is what we are about and the message we portray to the world.  It isn't something to easily and haphazardly share with everyone we meet.

We all need to look at what we are giving out and sending out to the world around us.  Are we respecting others?  Are we valuing the time, gifts, and resources of other people, or are we lining up to fill our own needs?

Our character is something that only we have control over in our life.  No one else creates this for us.  Events and experiences may impact it, but in the end it is up to each one of us individually how we create our character each day.  It is our choice alone.  May we make it a good one.

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