Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Fixate Upon The News Story Of The Day

If you watch the news regularly, it appears that life is nothing but a few events.  We fixate upon the story of the day and we rarely see the world in the bigger picture.  Our focus is so narrow, that we miss out on so much going on in the world.

Its human nature to fixate upon the news story of the day.  The news media has been very effective at teaching everyone how to do this.  Every day that we turn on the news or read the papers, we contribute to this teaching and ignorance.  We throw our critical thinking ability to the wind, hoping that at some point we will connect with it.

Everyone gets all up in arms about some tragic event or story and for the next week or two, that is the only thing they want to consume.  Search hits and traffic on the subject increase dramatically.  The news organizations do nonstop coverage on this stories and all stories like it.  In fact, before long that news that everyone is hearing about has been filtered by the news story of the day.

It is really sad in my eyes to watch this.  We stopped watching the news several years ago.  I will admit that I do read headlines but that's about it.  The media is so warped and one sided and I really refuse to contribute to it.  Why inundate myself with biased and over-hyped stories of sparsely populated facts in amongst opinion.

At one time I thought a 24 hour news channel was the best thing since sliced bread.  I remember when CNN started up and it was 24 hours a day.  It could have been a good thing, but soon in order to get people to watch, they had to have all the opinion shows.  They had to have over-the-top stories and programming because otherwise people would get bored and turn it off.

People get upset with the media and claim bias on one channel or another, but its there in everything.  Watching the channel contributes to it.  Do you think these news channels would do what they do if no one was watching?  They live and die by advertising revenue and higher the revenue is because people watch it.

We as a people can decide differently just by what we give our attention to in a day.  We don't need a big organized movement.  You can impact it with the click of the off button on your TV.  The world will not fall apart if you don't know the latest gaffe someone made or the opinion of this politician or that politician.  The world will go on.

Actually once you start to turn off the TV, you will begin to realize that there is a much bigger world out there.  You will begin to see that most of what the opinionated talk about really have little to do with life and consciousness.  You will see that there is a vast world waiting to be discovered and it includes heart-felt connections that lift up the world as a whole.  Fixating upon the news story of the day is like treading water in the ocean and having yourself believe you are swimming to the shore.

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