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Unlimited Abundance With Christie Marie Sheldon Update

I can barely remember when I first downloaded this program.  It was sometime in late 2011.  Okay, that wasn't all that long ago, but so much has changed in my life since that time, that it feels like an eternity.  Back in 2011 and 2012, if you would have told me I would be where I'm at today, I would have rolled my eyes, closed my ears, and laughed at you so hard.

In those days I was in a very miserable place.  I had been having this battle with life for what seemed like forever just to make enough money to survive.  Everything was difficult.  Everything was not fun.  Everything was depressing.  It was not a good place to be.

Throughout this time, I began trying all kinds of things to improve my abundance or in those days, my money flow.  Abundance wasn't even a concept I remotely understood at the time.  If you would like to learn more about some of my own process, you can read My Unlimited Abundance History.

Many years ago, I was in financial ruins.  I ended up filing bankruptcy and starting completely over in my life.  Because of a couple of individuals in a company where I worked who were out to get me and concocted a story using sparsely populated facts, I ended up quitting my full time job.  Unfortunately, I fell for the late night money-making scams offered on TV.  With the depression I was still facing after my Conversion Disorder, my decision-making ability led me to make some horrible decisions.

I still remember how close I came to living on the streets.  I was within days of having to leave my apartment because I could no longer pay for it.  I was preparing to sleep in my car and hope for the best, taking my cat, some clothes, and a few personal belongings with me.  There was no family to fall back on and no friends that I could have gone to and stayed with.  It was a lonely time full of despair.  Fortunately I found a job and managed to pull out a miracle of epic proportions in my life in the remaining few days before I would be on the street.

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It took me forever though struggling and trying to rebuild myself to begin crawling back up out of the hole I had dug in my life.  There were many years of searching and struggling and feeling like I would never make it.  I got to the point where I no longer believed that I would make it through all of this.  The mountain was too great to climb.

Fortunately I had met some people that really cared about me and helped me in ways that I struggled to accept.  I fought them for the longest time, not thinking I was worthy enough for their help or love.  I grew angry at them, because I was angry at myself and would not acknowledge it.

When I purchased Unlimited Abundance in 2011, I fully expected it to be just another product that would do no good.  Shockingly, I found out that it began to change my life.  It didn't change my life immediately or drastically in ways I expected, but in ways that almost went unnoticed.  The more I went through the program (and I went through it slowly), the more it began to shift me as a person.  Little things began to happen that seemed unconnected.  Most of the stuff I was seeing was not about big money-making windfalls coming to me as some people had experienced.

What mattered was that my life was beginning to shift.  The things that didn't serve me any longer were beginning to show up as waste to discard.  The things I needed were beginning to come into view and presenting themselves in a way that I could accept them.  I was finally learning how to let go of things that served me no longer.

As I look back now, I can see how all of these pieces started to fall into place, but in those moments of struggle, it was anything but obvious.  It almost seemed like I was getting nowhere in those early moments of going through this program.

Then one day a job came along that seemed like just a regular job for the day.  I didn't think anymore of it, but remember walking into it that morning and feeling completely overwhelmed.  It was chaotic.  I kept my head down and tried to learn everything I could.  Little did I realize that this one-day job would morph into much more and lead me into a time of much greater financial stability and enjoyment in my life.

As I look back at 2011 and see where my life was, I am still shocked at how far I have come.  In 2011, I thought all hope was lost.  I didn't think I could make it.  Now today, my outlook on life is much different.  I see possibility instead of despair.  Not everything is perfect in a day, but I know that I have much more power and control over my life.

Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon was not a cure all.  It wasn't something that I could just sit there and listen to and everything would magically change in the moment.  However, it helped give me the tools I needed at the right time to make major changes and shifts in my life.

The part of abundance that was missing for me was my role in how I viewed abundance and money and life.  It was all the lies I had been taught and continued to believe that were holding me back.  It was "me" that I needed to change from the inside out.  Until this program came along, I had no idea how to do that, even with all the major work I had been doing on myself.  It was the piece that I needed.  Christie Marie Sheldon calls these "abundance blocks". 

For each person, it's a different path.  Most likely the same abundance lies and things each one of us have been taught stand in our way.  Different people and things come along in our life to help us through these moments of struggle into a greater awareness.  They are life changing, but they may not be something we can see in the moment.  We just don't need to slam the door on them.  Open the door and embrace them to soar to greater heights.

There is a free webinar coming up on Jan 8, 2015 and I urge you to check it out.  You may find like I did that it will help change your life.  After all, if it doesn't appeal to you, what do you have to lose - a little time?

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