Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Does The Doctor Know Best?

I think we need to have a serious discussion on this issue.  I see people exclaim that if you don't follow what a doctor says, somehow you are a bad person.  Somehow, you are misguided.  Somehow, you put everyone else at risk.  Its like everyone treats doctors as the current GOD of the universe.

So does a doctor know best or not?  Doctors know a lot.  They've been to a great deal of medical training and many of them have had years of experience in the real world.  While that is great and beneficial, it doesn't mean they always know best.  I'm not trying to tear doctors down in what they do, but I'm trying to see if we can all find a little more balance.

At one time, the medical establishment thought that leaches were good and that if you had blood coming from you, that the blood needed to be drained.  They considered "blood" to be a very bad thing in your body. Now we know that isn't the case, but at the time this was the medical knowledge that all were expected to follow.

At one time, the medical establishment did not think that washing their hands or sterilization techniques were that important.  In fact, it wasn't that long ago that washing hands became standard practice.  Doctors at the time before this laughed and ridiculed those that felt washing hands were vital to medical practices.

In my own life, I had many medical doctors acting as if they knew everything about my condition, but they really understood nothing.  They prescribed medications that made me convulse.  They prescribed procedures that almost ended my life.  They came up with a diagnosis that was so far from the truth.  Day after day they would send me home from one medical procedure or test to another claiming it was all in my head.  Did the doctor know best?  Not in my situation.

I've since learned that there is so much more we can do with our own body.  We can impact our own healing in ways that the medical establishment does not even begin to comprehend.  In fact, most new age people give lip service to this knowledge, but they truly don't understand it.

We are not a slave to our body.  We create the course of much we experience.  Yes, there are some things that this may not apply too in our body, and I recognize this.  So many of us do very little to take care of our body including stress management and releasing things from our mind and body to healthy eating and our overall lifestyle choices.

We think that getting colds and flu is a normal part of life.  We think that headaches, sleep problems, stomach disturbances, anxiety and depression are all normal in life.  I'm not putting anyone down that has these conditions.  I struggled with them for years.  The thing I've learned in my own life is that I don't have to continue suffering from these things.  I'm not immune to these things either as when my body is out of balanced or pushed past the limits, I once again suffer from these conditions.

I've learned that if something physical is showing up in my body, there is much more to it than meets the eye.   I've learned that I can interact with my own biology and bring about healing in ways I never realized I could many years ago.  I've learned to ask the hard questions when something physical shows up and to go in and look at my life in its entirety.

The medical establishment has much knowledge, skills, and experience but just because they say this is something we should do, let's not accept it as the gospel truth.  Let's not force others to think that if they don't accept the doctor's truth without question, that they are bad or wrong.   We need to question anyone and that includes alternative treatments and new age people.  To sit by and accept everything as the truth, is giving up on being human.

I know that every group of healers and medical professions tend to go to their own little corner of expertise and declare all others to be wrong.  However, maybe if everyone began to work together and recognized that they don't have all the answers, we could actually treat people in this world.  Maybe it wouldn't be sick care that we practice, but true healing.  We need to drop our paradigms that we hold on to and see the truth in each area of expertise, so that we can truly claim we heal people.

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