Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Healing Beauty Of This Ocean Place

It was a little too chilly for the beach, but the beauty of this location in NC is one I've loved for many years.  It was an area where I would often pour my heart into words on a paper.  It was where I would often cry the tears of healing a painful past.  It was the place I would go and wake up to the sunrise when I couldn't sleep.  It was where I felt safe enough to go and be with my thoughts when they made no sense.  It was my place.  It was big enough and powerful enough to help me find my way forward.

This one little spot on a beach in North Carolina was just that perfect spot.  There was a sandy beach where I could warm in the sun.  There were big giant rocks that I could climb down on and sit there all alone.  It was these places that helped me process all that I needed to work through in my life.

The other thing about this ocean place was that I always viewed the ocean as big enough to engulf my problems and pains in life, taking them deep out into sea and diluting them so they no longer could be seen.  I viewed the ocean as a place not only of beauty, but one that would bring in power and energy when I felt the most vulnerable and weak.

The ocean is very powerful to me.  It represents something much bigger than myself and so when life gets tough, it is the one place to go.  I've written so many things in my journal, poured my heart out through pain, and sometimes just felt the sounds and roars of the ocean waves.

I still go to bed every night listening to the ocean sounds I recorded and put on a CD.  It is very soothing and peaceful to me.  It becomes like a blanket of security and warmth as I sleep.  I wake up in the morning and feel more refreshed.  In fact, when I travel, these same ocean sounds go with me.

What place do you go to find your own refuge where you can ponder, process, and recharge your own life?

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