Friday, January 16, 2015

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

If someone is on your mind, in your thoughts or touching your heart, don't delay.  Don't wait until tomorrow to reach back to them or call them or go see them.  Don't wait until tomorrow because you're too busy today or you have countless mundane tasks to be completed.  Do it now.  Reach out to them now before its too late.

In the past few months, I've lost two friends that I kept saying, "I need to go see them".  It was always something standing in my way.  I'm too busy.  I've got too much going on.  Oh, we'll stop and see them another time.  There was always something and well, the day came and gone when it was too late.  There no extra moment or tomorrow that could be harvested or used up.

Its easy to let life take control and in this day and age, it isn't always easy for us to make the time we need to for others that we hold dear in our life.  Its just part of our modern day culture and its the part that truly sucks!

My mom was taken from me before I could ever say goodbye.  It haunted me for a long time and was difficult for me to process.  Its not easy losing anyone you love and when it comes as a surprise, shock waves travel throughout your body.

There aren't do over minutes.  There isn't always a tomorrow.  All we have is this current moment to make the best out of it that we can.  We can't borrow from the future, and can we repeat the moments gone by.

My heart goes out to my friend who is currently fighting for his life.  It was an unexpected and unexplained moment.  It happened all at once and is defying all that life holds so dear.

Don't wait until tomorrow to reach out to someone on your mind.  Don't wait until tomorrow to reach out to someone you love or that means so much to you.  Seize the day.  Make today count and let them know just how much impact they have upon your life.

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