Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lonely Voices

These days, it seems like everyone is screaming.  It seems to me like there are far too many lonely voices out there just wanting to be heard, wanting for someone to care and to show they care.

We are surrounded by all this social media and we're constantly connected, but there is a void that I think everyone feels.  The void of having that personal one-on-one interaction with someone.  It is the part where you know someone cares about you and you care about someone.  It is the part where there is physical interaction, not just words on a screen.

Modern day communication isn't necessarily a bad thing, but we've let it become our sole source of communication.  We've let it rule our world.  It is like we stare at our phones all the time as if nothing else matters.  It is a lonely voice.

If you're one that can put the phone down, I give you big bunches of kudos. However, I think most of us feel like we're not tied to our phones and social media, even if we are.  We tend to think we have our lives under control, when we may just likely be one of the lonely voices.  Most of us would be horrified to put our phone down and walk away from it for a few hours or a day.

All you have to do is take an account of how often you reach for your phone rather than physically stop to talk to someone or sit outside with the birds.  Can you honestly put the phone down and walk away from it for an hour or two or even a day?  If not, you may want to notice that give it some time for evaluation.

You can see the lonely voices walking around the city as you observe just how much everyone looks at their phones.  The fingers are flying as they communicate, but they miss that voice.  They miss that energetic connection.  They miss that body language.  Communication has been reduced to a single-flat-lining moment.  There is no depth to it.

Let us learn how to balance and modulate our phone devices, because if we don't, we will become a lonely voice - calling out for attention and love and care.   After all, loneliness is pretty harmful to the brain.

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