Saturday, November 30, 2013

Feeling The Brain's Potential

I'm always amazed at how much and how little we humans use our brain.  Its a major organ in our body and one that we can't do without, but yet so often we treat it as if it is nothing more than a collection of cells and tissues.  Of course, I'm sure one could insert all kinds of jokes here about how people use their brains, but that's not the point of this blog post.

I would like to have everyone reading this just take a moment and say hello to your brain.  OK, if that didn't feel awkward, then maybe you want to repeat that one again (or maybe you don't).  You see, most of us just aren't in touch with our brains, although we depend upon them to get through our day.

One of the ways we fail to connect with our brain is by not seeing the potential we have in our life.  We have so much power within the cells that make up our brain and we only tap into a very little part of it each day.  Most of the time this is because we are running too hard and too busy to stop a moment and connect with it.  If you ignore it, you won't grasp the full potential of it.

Another way we fail to connect with our brain is by letting our brain lie dormant in our day.  Routine and mundane tasks that consume our every waking minute, do very little to stimulate our brains and the creative potential it holds within its framework.  All too often, we just don't do anything with our brain.

While many out there want to connect on the new age trends and thoughts; mantras and meditation can be very good, but they aren't the complete picture.  Its too easy to recite some powerful statement, but it is more difficult for us to truly connect with what those words mean and how they impact us somatically.  It is too easy to meditate on occasion, but often it is much harder connecting to all that provides and seeing the bigger picture of what it brings into our life.

Connecting with the full potential of our mind is more about feeling and truly becoming one with it, than most of what is done today in our society.  Connecting involves feeling and to feel, you must stop, bring yourself down and feel all parts of your body - not just the happy, good parts.

Connecting with your brain means that you feel through your body.  The brain responds and is stimulated fully when the cells and tissues of our body are in full union with it.  To go through life and not feel, is denying the full potential of your mind.  Feeling though, often encounters discomfort and difficulty in life that most humans wish to avoid.  Again, if you avoid these things, you are not fully connecting with the brain and therefore, not fully tapping into the brain.

There is so much power, both in healing and through awareness, that we can tap into from the brain.  It is the human potential.  It is the norm for our biological organism that we call the human body.  The more we numb ourselves through artificial means and the more we deny all that there is around us, the more we limit ourselves.  If we are ever to fully grasp our potential, it is through the felt sense of the body, that we will truly begin to recognize all we hold within our brain and our body.

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  1. And what advise do you have for someone who is too into their emotions. I'm not depressed, but I have cried every day for the past 3 months! I cry when I'm happy, cry when I'm sad, cry when someone seriously pisses me off. I am the person who cries at commercials, sad songs, etc. I'm too emotional and I hate that! It ruins relationships because although I am a funny and fun person to be around men tend to now want relationships with someone who cries all the time because they feel like it's their fault.

    ~ Town Crier






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