Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Choice Are You Making

I often wonder how I fit into this thing we call life.  It seems like I beat to a different drum than many do, and sometimes I feel like I create the drum that I beat to.  Yet, I feel like I'm part of this habitation experience called the world in which we live, only to find out that I feel so much different than most people I meet.  I have no way to fully know how to put all of this into words, but yet I experience it and feel it and see it on display before my eyes.

There are so many out there that I see who are following some myths taught to them as the only truth.  While these myths hold truth within, they are not the absolute truth for life.  In fact, the truths are being covered up with beliefs and opinions that are regurgitated at will.  If you try to breach these subjects with these people, you are met with a skepticism of doubt, fear and trepidation.  You are viewed as one that just doesn't understand, even though I understand far more than they realize.

There are many out there that uncover one rock and think that the grubs they have found underneath are the sole food source for the entire civilization.  As they go around proclaiming this, a funny thing happens.  They stop looking under the rest of the rocks on their path.  They fail to see that the first or even the second rock is but one in the road of life.  They miss the remaining rocks and what is underneath them, because they stop looking.

For many people, the search is the process and the process is the search for answers.  It is a way of beginning to find ourselves and learning how we fit into this world.  Yet, it should not be a time where the process does not take us forward into ourselves.  It should be a time where we discover more and more each day of who we are and what makes us tick.

We are not the sum total of everything that has brought us to this point, but the individual that still has the rest of their journey to travel.  We are not our beliefs and opinions, but the question marks that helps us challenge each and every one of them.  We are not the myths or the absolute truths that we feel makes up our current moment.  Instead, we are the search for greater truth in our life and the ability to move beyond our current moment.

Of course, how far we travel on our journey or what we allow our self to discover is all up to us.  We can choose to be content with where we are or we can embrace more and more of what our life was meant to be.  It isn't necessarily a point of arrival in our existence, but one where we embrace all that is unseen and all that we do not know or understand.  Of course, the choice is ours and ours alone.  The question is, what choice are you making in this moment? 

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