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Tylenol And The Mind Body

Tylenol And The Mind Body
One of the most overdosed substances in the world is something you would not even think about.  About 60,000 people in the US are admitted to the hospital for an overdose of acetaminophen.  Before you start scratching your head to figure out what that is, acetaminophen is the active drug in Tylenol and can also be found in Vicodin and Percocet.

In a 2009 research study, it showed that acetaminophen actually dulled social anxiety.  In much the same way that something like alcohol or Xanax might do, this substance acted the same way.  Further research has found that it has an affect on how people make moral judgements.

Physical pain and social anxiety share a common pathway in our nervous system.  So if you stop one, then you have stopped the other.  In other words, by removing physical pain, you are dulling the sense of moral judgment and social anxiety.

At one time I took Tylenol for headaches among a whole host of other over-the-counter medications.  From an early age, if I got a sniffle, then there was some type of medication pushed at me.  In fact, if I didn't take it, I was punished in one form or another.

As I've grown and as I've learned about healing, I no longer need these substances in my life.  In fact, if you come to my house and ask for something for a headache or stomach issue, most likely I will not have any pill to give you.  I most likely will suggest you get on my massage table so I can work on you, but I honestly keep nothing in the house these days for anything.

The body is able to heal itself if we go into the pain, but in our society we are taught that we have to take something and that pain is something we avoid.  Even most new age healers try to get rid of the pain and in many ways demonstrate to people how to avoid pain.

Pain is a messenger in our body telling us and alerting us to make some change.  We can either listen to it or ignore it.  We can either medicate ourselves and mask it, or we can go into it and become more aware of our body in consciousness.  I honestly don't believe in all the medical pills and procedures that are pushed these days because I have learned how to open my body up and heal myself in ways I never thought were possible.

While you may think this is just complete nonsense, this article that I referenced for this blog post, What's Tylenol Doing To Our Minds, is just one set of proof about what I am saying.  There is more if you so desire to find it, but you won't find it in the mainstream of beliefs about healthcare or healing.  Of course, it also means that you have to learn to let go of your own limiting beliefs about healing to understand what it is that I am stating here.

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