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Dealing With Regret

Dealing With Regret
Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and we hold ourselves back.  It is easy to allow our lives to be consumed by regret, but we are doing this at our expense.  Regret not only takes us from a point of evaluating our previous days, but if we aren't careful, it can paralyze our future days.

Like most other people in life, I'm sure I am not the only one that has had moments of regret.  There have been actions that I took which led me into things I would have not wished upon anyone.  There are moments of shame that I wish I could have stepped out of and not had to live with it as many years as I did.  There have been decisions that I have made which I wished I could have went back and changed.

Regret though can be a killer.  Sometimes regret has hog-tied me to the point of keeping me from moving forward.  Regret loves fear and it often walks hand in hand with it.

I'm sure if I asked you what one thing you had regret for in life, it would not be difficult to name.  However, if I asked how you began to let regret go and began dealing with it, the answer would be much harder to state.  Unfortunately too many of us continue to harbor regret for most of our life.  We don't let go of it because of the shame and fear associated with it.

A wise therapist once told me that each day we have the opportunity to write in the storybook of our life what it is we wish to write.  We are free to create each new chapter of the day in whatever way we want, using the colors we so desire.  If we don't like what we create today, we are free to start tomorrow with a blank slate and write anything in it we wish.

You see, regret is not something we have to live with unless we choose to do this.  While it may be an unconscious action, we choose how we live our day.  We choose what we do and what we allow ourself to experience.

Anything we have done in our past may influence today, but it does not have to control and rule our day.  We make our day into what we want it to be in whatever way that is possible using the colors of life that are available in the storybook of our life.  No matter what situation you are in, there are always options for you to consider.

Even when working within the constraints of life, there is still life that can be experienced in your mind, body, and soul.  It is all up to how you view the regrets of your life and how you see the possibilities that exist in this moment.  Which one will you choose to see today?

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  1. I have many regrets, one of which, is simply too hard to let go of without closure, but, I cant get closure, because, I left that place with harsh words, now he is long since passed,

    But, still I live, push forward, everyday I choose to get up, get dressed, and take care of the family, because I know I cant drag everyone else down with me.

    Thankyou, for once again opening my eyes, I enjoy your blogs.

    1. In time, you may be able to let go of it, but you may want to become curious about letting go of this. It is just a thought that came to me while I was reading what you wrote. There is a reason we hold on to things and sometimes the lesson we need to learn in life is in beginning to understand that.

  2. This feeling of regret, like other feelings- I try to just experience them and not pile too much on them. I try not to interpret or over think them. Are they indicators that I could improve how I conduct myself? Maybe. But staying with it too long becomes a burden for sure.






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