Friday, May 3, 2013

Clean Your Own Windows First

Clean Your Own Windows First
I read something on a Facebook page recently of someone I don't know.  While I'm not going to reference the Facebook site that they shared, it was a religious one.  Actually this site looked to be a little more balanced than most, but the person sharing it had all kinds of JUDGMENTAL posts on this page.  It is funny to me that people will share things that are so good, but they don't even take to heart what it is that they share.

In the shared item, the story went something along the lines of a person who was critical of the neighbors.  In fact, it was about the neighbors laundry on the clothes line.  The person in this story constantly complained to her husband that the neighbor did not know how to do laundry.  For every time the neighbor did the laundry and hung it on the line, it appeared dirty.  It was not until one day she realized that the neighbor's laundry looked clean and exclaimed to her husband, that they must have figured out how to do laundry.  It was not until her husband told her that he got up early that day and cleaned their windows that she understood who it was that had the problem.

You see, it is easy for us to point out all the things wrong that other people do.  A funny thing happens when we do this though.  We usually are pointing out our own short comings and failure, only we can't even see beyond our disdain for others that we are doing this.  It isn't until we clean our own windows first that we begin to see more clearly in life.  If you think this is not rampant in our society, just read the daily news or look at a comment section on a news website.

What strikes me more interesting is that this person as well as many others constantly share all of these "goodies" on social media, especially Facebook.  It is almost like spam.  I have to wonder at times what these people are truly saying and if they ever stop and take a look in the mirror.  It is one thing to share things that really have a good message, but is it just masking how you feel inside?  Is it masking what you really should be preaching to yourself.

We all do it to some degree.  The more people rant and rave about everything taking place, the more they are looking through dirty windows in their own life.  Its easier to see things in others than it is to take a long hard look in the mirror.  We're not helping humanity if we are as much of a problem as we claim everyone else is.  It is long past time in this world to get beyond the critical blame game and learn to clean our own windows.

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