Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Truth Of Healing

The Truth Of Healing
It is so easy to lock ourselves into one viewpoint of how we see the body.  As medical and allied medical professionals, we all tend to scurry to our respective corners and only see truth as our brain filters it or according to the beliefs we have been taught.  Yes, I know everyone tries not to do this, but we are human and we live in a society that corrals us into a set of norms just to keep the status quo operating in a way that is comfortable to everyone.

In order to heal others, this is not helpful and unless we challenge ourselves and push ourselves outside of this norm, we will remain part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.  If we continue to follow our own paradigms, we lose sight of truth and discovery.  I am just as guilty of this as the next person, but I write this to give a nudge of challenge to every healing professional in our world.

Often what we perceive as fact and truth, may apply for one moment in time or it may be a result of how we filter data and experiences in life.  I have seen far too many research studies that were downright flawed or were so one sided, that I cringe from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes.  I have seen people base beliefs and practices on what they consider to be the truth, only to find out that they are regurgitating what has been taught to them.  I am speaking to all medical professionals and to the all new age folks.

Truth is something that can be experienced and proven with repeatability.  It is not something we "feel" necessarily in our lives, but something that we can say without a doubt that this is truth for our life.  In fact, what one considers to be truth, may not be in the realm of consciousness for another person.  Sometimes truth is a personal thing, but unfortunately we often try to push our truth upon others.  We really need to realize that truth is only what has been discovered consciously.

Truth may also be something we have individually not yet seen, observed, or experience.  I don't know how many times I have had people scoff and laugh at what I have seen in life.  It is almost as if they invalidate my experiences because they are not consciously aware of what I have learned and seen repeatedly.   I try hard not to share or write what I believe, but I try to write and share that which I have experienced. 

I will say this though and I believe it firmly, what we know as truth today in the medical and healing establishment is not the whole story.  There is much more and some are beginning to bridge together all sources of healing modalities while others are not.  We need to give up our rigidity and become open to that which makes us uncomfortable or is not as easy to prove.  We don't need to abandon our principles, but if we hold them up as a brick wall before us, how will we ever see past where we are?  How will we ever tap into the healing and truth that will advance mankind?

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