Friday, April 26, 2013

Qi Activation - National Qigong Conference Orlando

Will I see you on May 25 to May 28?  I will be attending the National Qigong Conference in Orlando.  Qi Activation is the title of the conference and if it is like the one I went to in 2009, I'm sure no one will be disappointed.  It was well worth the 4 days that I spent there and it was one of the most inexpensive conferences I have ever been to in my life.

The first thing that drew me to this conference was the low price for a lot of CEU's.  Since I'm a massage therapist, I look for lower cost classes I can take to meet the CEU's I need to renew my license.  Too many classes out there charge way more than they should because they can.  I'm sorry if that steps on some toes, but I get tired of this attitude.

I was also intrigued by the size of this conference.  Never before had I been in a conference like this with 2000 people.  Let me tell you, it enhances the experience in so many ways.  I met people from all walks of life and actually saw a few familiar faces.

One of the things that I took out of this that I still use today is the food based healing with the whole food smoothies.  We started this in 2009 shortly after the conference was over and we are still doing it to this day.  While I don't have specific health issues I need to address with it, I know that it has helped improve my physical health and I feel better as a result of doing it.

Another thing I took away from the conference in 2009 was a deeper understanding of how connecting movement and breathing in my body was profoundly healing.  Yes, I knew this, but in the conference practicing and learning QiGong, I really felt it.  All too often when the pains and difficulties and stresses of life hit us, we stop moving, breathing, and connecting with our body.  Rather than stopping, we should be practicing this mindful connection because it will help move us forward in a natural way.

I really can't say enough on this conference.  I'll be there on May 25 and even if you aren't working in the healing profession, I'd say - go anyway!  It isn't just for healing professionals.  It is practical skills that everyone can use in their own life, every day.  You can improve your health and begin to understand a basic part of how to heal your body and keep yourself healthy.

So, I'll leave you with this question?   

Will I see you May 25? 

Let me know if you will be there and we can always meet up.

Qi Activation Orlando May 25th

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  1. Sorry I missed you! I just found your blog today poking around on here. I was with another silver blond lady from Florida. It was a life changing event for me. Looks like you do a lot of good works :)






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