Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hopefully We Evolve As Humans

Hopefully We Evolve As Humans
I got chastised not long ago on a website about this concept and I thought it was time I needed to clarify what I mean.  Obviously what I wrote missed the point as to what it means that hopefully we evolve as humans.  The dictionary refers to it as developing gradually or working something out.  It may also refer to the way a biological organism will change and develop through the evolutionary process.

Evolve is not a negative in my mind.  It doesn't mean some horror movie of creating a monster.  It is not harmful.  I see it as completely positive and developing process.  It is an evolutionary process within each one of us and the world or universe at large.

I really don't understand how it can be viewed as a negative unless it is something that makes an individual uncomfortable.  If that's the case, I get it.  Many people don't like our beliefs and opinions challenged.  We tend to go into our respective corners and hold dearly and tightly to everything that we claim as our own.  Unfortunately, the more we do that, the less we evolve.

Evolve says to me that we are changing, growing and developing.  It is not stagnant or static, but dynamic and moving.  All too often, people become stagnant in life.  They go to the same jobs, do the same routines, talk to the same people and then the day comes to an end.  The next day, it is all repeated once again.  There is no challenge or growth that moves them forward.

I believe that we as humans are meant to change, grow, and evolve.  I think we are meant to come up on challenges so that we move forward, not that we stay stuck in the rut of life that we know.  It is too easy to stay where we are at.  It is much more difficult to move and embark upon a new world in our life. 

Whether it is a current issue of our time such as marriage equality or gun control and politics, or it is our moment of horrendous health concerns and personal struggles, we are meant to evolve.  We are meant to evaluate this moments in time with an open mind, not with just our set of beliefs and opinions that we desperately hold on to.

There are serious concerns in this world and as a human population, we need to rise up to meet them.  Unfortunately, we are sitting on our backsides blaming everyone and everything around us, while holding a blind eye to our own life.

What needs to change and evolve does not come from outside of us.  It does not come from governments or political groups or healers or religion.  It does not come from new age thought philosophies.  Evolving and changing happens within each one of us from the inside out.  It is a result of each individual adding to the whole of the human population, instead of taking away from it. 

The more we numb our minds and our bodies to awareness and truth, the more we hold ourselves back.  The more we go into the body and connect with all the power we hold inside, the more we evolve in a greater consciousness that arises from new awareness.  The choice is up to us, because we can either choose to continue the way we are going, or we can choose to hold our beliefs and opinions up to the light of truth to see their true essence.

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