Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thou Shall Make Fun Of People

Thou Shall Make Fun Of People
Treating others without respect seems to be an obvious part of being religious.  I mean, I see all these people that hold religious institutions up as a badge of honor in their life, yet their words and actions fail to hold up to the same degree.  It is almost like their religion demands that thou shall make fun of people.  Don't believe me; just look at the stuff that gets circulated on Facebook, Twitter, and comments on news sites.

It angers me to see just how we treat each other and how much we show contempt for one another.  I don't care what side of the political spectrum you are on or who you are or what you think you know.  If you feel the need to ridicule and making fun of others is appropriate, than I'm sorry to tell you this, but it is a bigger reflection of who you are, than the person you are disrespecting. 

What we say about others is a very direct reflection of who we are and what we harbor within our soul.  It demeans not only the person we refer to, but it demeans humanity as a whole.  It shows how little we respect ourselves and the essence of life.  I find it appalling to view on a daily basis.  No matter where you turn, this lack of respect is shoved in your face.

I don't believe that anyone in this world is listening to each other.  It is just a bunch of screaming and yelling trying to prove one's point.  When people feel they are not being heard, they resort to making fun of people.  Whether it is the bullies in a grade school or the actions in homes, churches, governments and communities, there is never an appropriate time to make fun of people.

The song by Mark Wills, "Don't Laugh At Me" is one of my favorites and it sums up so much of what I'm trying to say.  We need to set an example as adults for the children and bullies of this world that making fun of people is not acceptable.  Sure, we can discipline them all we want, but if we are exhibiting the same behavior, than this is what we are teaching them.  You can't expect the children to do differently than what you demonstrate as acceptable behavior.

As humans, we can be so much more than we are, but right now in this world we have lost all respect for one another.  No amount of screaming, yelling, or making fun of others is going to get us back on track.  We need to do some deep soul searching and see what is within our mind, body, and soul.  If we think the problem lies in people out there, than we will continue to be part of the problem.  The problem lies within each one of us.

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