Friday, April 14, 2017

Pushing The Limits With Compassion

Most of the time, I tend to ruffle the feathers so to speak.  Yep, I push the envelope with what I write and tweet and share on social media.  I try to do it with compassion, but I really want people to think and think deeply.

Far too many times we're in this mind-numbed state in our world.  Reality is often not reality.  News is often not news.  What we see and hear in a day is not necessarily authentic or real or legitimate.

We tend to swallow up stuff that matches what we believe and feel and think about rather than allowing ourselves to be challenged beyond our comfort zone.  We often get to a point where we are comfortable with where we are and we make the choice to not push further.

I often think of the pioneers from the wild west days.  If they would not have been adventurous and challenged their own safety, think of where we would be today.  It took them leaving behind everything they knew and everything that was familiar to discover some pretty awesome potential.  Yes, it came with many pitfalls, including death.

Since we were given no owner manual when we were born, the only way we learned to walk was by trying to take a step.  It is said that walking is nothing more than controlled falling.  If we would have sat there in the safety of the floor and not learned how to walk, we would have limited our life in so many ways.

Challenging beliefs in history...

If you look back down through history and see some of the horrendous beliefs that were held centuries ago, we can probably be very happy that we challenged thoughts and ideas and belief systems.  If not, we'd still be trying to drain the "humors" (blood) out of people thinking it was bad stuff inside of them.

In this day and age, we buy into the flashy snake-oil salesman and while they may be giving us nothing more than an elixir, we think it is the most healing thing we have ever seen.  Okay, maybe that moment is need to discover the next, but if we continue to drink the elixir, we'll probably not discover all that there is to discover.

Easy to become complacent...

It is easy to become complacent in life and subscribe to that which backs up our belief systems and thoughts and paradigms.  However, when we do that, we put so many limits on ourselves in what we can become and where we can go.  Unfortunately, it is all part of the human experience.  What you do with it though is a choice you make every minute of your life, even if it is unconscious.

So many of our modern day healing paradigms don't serve us fully.  We repackage them and regurgitate them, but we really don't take a hard look at the truth within them.  We come up with a verbage that convinces others, but in all reality, many things don't pass the challenge test.

I write from my experience...

When I write, I write to challenge these beliefs, thoughts, and paradigms.  Many times I am challenging them within myself or I have come through those challenging moments.  I write from my experience and through experience I share what I've learned and what I see.  Sure, I'm not perfect either - the thing is, I don't stop where I'm at.  I keep pushing forward.

If what I write or share pushes your buttons, it isn't meant to be specific to anyone.  What I write comes out of my own struggles and frustrations as I try to make sense of deeper things in life.  I'm not content with portraying the world around me as positive.  I'm more interested in helping to open up someone's awareness so that the world becomes more than just positivity.

If you have read my blog for any period of time, you'll know that I don't stick to the safe, feel good subjects.  I'm usually on the outer edges pushing people (coaxing people) to think beyond what they know.  I dislike belief systems and paradigms because while they may give you the box you need, if you're not careful, they will prevent you from seeing what it is you don't already see.

Pushing the limits with compassion - that's where I try to navigate.  It is where the most growth and potential energy sits.  It is where we learn to come alive as a human being discovering more of our fullest potential.  When we arrive at that moment, if we gaze into the horizon, we'll see that there are more worlds and lands to discover.

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