Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Do You Really Care?

I see this far too many times and all I can do is scratch my head in disbelief.  I see and hear people say, "I care" and yet their actions don't match their words.

So, do you really care?  Is it just words or do you follow through.  Sorry, for the bluntness and harshness of this subject, but I'm really trying to get everyone's attention.  I'm trying to really put this in everyone's face, because it happens far too often.  It happens to the ones that say, "Yes I care".

How many times have you seen people in a tragedy or death event tell others, "let me know if there is anything you need".  Most of the time, if someone needs something, the ones saying this have a million things to do.  It was a nice thing for them to say in the hour of need, but if words don't match the actions, why are you saying it?

How many times have you seen people say, "I am there for you" or "I support you" and yet, when the going gets tough, there is no one to be found.  Yes, there's a few people that will follow through, but to most it seems like it is a string of words, rather than something they really mean.

What about the times when people say "we care" and yet, they avoid you and hide every time you try to get in contact with them?  Do they really care?  Or is it just a feel good thought by them to placate themselves to go along about their lives and not give it anymore thought.

Maybe it is because we're too "busy" following the latest political rants or what is happening in the latest reality show.  Maybe it is because were too busy staying busy that we don't stop to take time out for those that supposedly matter in our lives.  Maybe it is because we have our own personal agenda and if someone doesn't fit those confines, we're not going to give them the time of day.

Heck, it could be because we're so busy at being overwhelmed by social media and the latest news gossip of the day, that nothing else matters.  We're so caught up in life that we don't have capacity for anything else.

I honestly struggle with this because I see people make "supportive comments", but yet they treat the person as if they don't exist.  They treat them as if they are a bother, rather than someone that they care about.  It might be unintentional, but we really need to wake up.  We're hurting one another badly with this practice.

Let's make our words count.  Let's make our actions match our words.  If we truly don't mean what we say, then let's not make it appear that we do.


Sometimes people are banking on what you say to them.  Sometimes, it is more than mere words in that moment.  There are times people really need for you to reach out to them, rather than just avoiding and acting as if they don't exist.  It may be their lifeline back to reality in that moment.

When we say things we don't mean, it holds our integrity suspect.  We become that clanging symbol in the world that just makes noise, but not much else.  Put your heart in action before you put your words in action and you'll help improve the world in ways you can't imagine.

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