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Homeopathy Help For Cuts And Scrapes

(by Natural Healing Gal, Marie)

My next favorite Homeopathic remedy is Calendula Officinalis also known as English marigold.

I learned more about Calendula when my sister was visiting many years ago, and her children got sunburned. She asked if I had any Calendula Gel. I was not aware of the gel, so we quickly went to the local health food store to pick some up. It worked so well, I tried it on myself the next time I got sunburned…I was amazed at how quickly the burn subsided and my skin turned from red to tan!

Just yesterday, I realized my hands were getting dry (I tend to wash my hands a lot) and the skin cracked on my finger. It stung like a paper cut whenever I touched anything. I put a band-aid on it with a little calendula gel, and today the skin is mostly healed.

My sheltie Maya slipped and fell while running agility one day, and got sand in her eye. It was irritated and red. I dissolved the pellet in water, put drops in my own eyes first to be sure it would not sting, then I used it on her. It worked beautifully, her eye cleared up so fast! 

You can find Calendula at most health food stores in two forms, topical gel or pellets. It is soothing, has antiseptic properties, and stimulates the immune system. (see places to purchase this below)

I use a small amount of the gel with every bandage or band-aid I use;  just enough to cover the wound.  Broken skin, cuts and scrapes, even if they look infected, heal very quickly. A little goes a long way, and I have had my tube of gel for quite a long time!

Along with Arnica, this is another great remedy I keep in my home and in my travel first aid kit. 

National Homeopathy Center

“The English marigold is a cheerful, annual plant with deep orange flowers that open and close with the sun just like Bellis perennis, the common daisy, another of homeopathy's great healers. Calendula has been used herbally for hundreds of years in the kitchen and the sick room. The old herbalists advised that the dried flowers be added to broths in order to comfort ‘the heart and the spirits...’ Homeopaths and home prescribers are well aware of Calendula's healing benefits as a topical preparation in tinctures, creams, and salves. Fewer people know, however, that Calendula is also useful as a homeopathic remedy—potentized and prepared by a homeopathic pharmacy. In this form, Calendula is indicated for lacerated, suppurating (i.e., pus-filled) wounds—especially if they are extremely painful and if the pain is out of proportion to the injury. It promotes rapid healing and prevents infection.”  (Dee Babicke,

  Warnings And Cautions

  1. Please remember--Calendula gel (ointment or salve) is used topically only!  
  2. I have found that the gel does not work well on rashes! I tried it once or twice on a rash I had, and it was incredibly uncomfortable, as it is prepared with other ingredients. Always try a tiny bit on a tiny area first, if it is soothing, then continue on the rest of the area.
  3. If you make up your own 30c Calendula remedy with ONE pellet in 4 ounces of pure water (for preparation details, see my post on 1/9/17 -- Starting with Homeopathy) you can take it orally, use a spritzer to spray it on topically, use it as a mouth rinse to heal and prevent infections, or use it as an eye wash for eye infections.
  4. Do not use any gels or ointments internally or in your eyes!

About Homeopathy

Here is a little more general information about homeopathy:

It is recognized by the World Health Organization, which says it is the second largest system of medicine used in the world today.

Homeopathic remedies are used to trigger the body’s own natural immune system to heal itself. The remedies are highly diluted substances from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom.

Here are some tips from the National Center For Homeopathy (NCH) for general homeopathic use:

  • Homeopathic remedies come in many different "potencies" or strengths. 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X and 30C are safe for home prescribing with each being stronger homeopathically than the previous one. Lower potencies tend to need more repetitions than higher potencies to get a healing response.
  • Higher potencies, such as the 200C, 1M, and 10M, tend to work faster and are useful for more serious complaints, such as bad burns or head injuries with concussion. For the typical home prescriber, however, using the lower potencies is recommended.”

Places To Purchase Calendula

  1. Califlora Calendula Gel (1 oz) - Amazon
  2. Boiron Calendula Officinali Pellets - Amazon
  3. Homeopathy First Aid Kit - Natural Health Supply

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