Friday, November 25, 2016

Showing We Care

Sometimes it is the little things we do that matter most.  All too often, we say we care but we fail to show it.  Many times, there is someone that just needs that small and tiny moment to know that someone cares.  Often, it is enough to help lift them up from the sinkhole they find themselves in.

For some reason, we as humans think we need to solve others problems and pains and situations.  Most of the time we can't, but we think we must.  So instead of offering a little bit to someone else, we just hold back because we feel like we're not enough.

Many times, someone just needs to know that there is someone else that cares and knows how to let them know this.  Often, it is in the smallest of acts of caring that someone else will get it.  They will find hope as a result to keep going.  Their day will become lighter because of one single moment that someone showed they care.

We do not need some grandiose moment of proving that we can solve the problem of another.  We do not need to feel like we need to solve someone's life problems.  All we need to do more times than not, is be there for that person in the smallest of ways.

It needs to be authentic...

Sometimes a phone call or heartfelt text can mean so much.  Sometimes a tweet or a note to just let them know they aren't alone.  It needs to be authentic.  It can't be just a run-of-the-mill response where it feels fake and insincere.

It needs to come from the deep recesses of the heart filled with love, and kindness and compassion.  It needs to be authentic and heart-felt.

Sometimes the smallest things you do can mean the whole world to a person that needs it in that moment.  You may never know just how much impact it has on their life, but they will know without a doubt.

Let us do more than saying we care.  Let us show others how much we care.  We do it not because it gives us another gold star, but because we have love and compassion for others.  Caring matters.  Showing we care in an authentic way matters greatly.

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