Thursday, November 10, 2016

Helpful Tips For Writing

I was asked the other day if I had any helpful tips for writing for a new author.  As I shared this privately, I thought it might be something that helps others.  So, I am sharing helpful hints for writing.  It is how I view my writing in both my blog and my books.

This is not an exhaustive list of tips by any means.  It was what sort of came off of the top of my head as I was trying to answer the question.  Of course, there is so much more that goes into writing than these few tips.  I'm sure for every author it is a little different.

I personally write about things from my experience and what I have been through.  My life has had to deal with horrific abuse, trauma and torture, and so I write from those aspects.  Through my own healing, I've learned so much that is often not discussed in our day.  I use this knowledge to write my books and blog posts. 

I try to be authentic and I also work at allowing my own vulnerability to show through because I think that is what people connect with in the words I write.  It is something they can identify with and accept.

So, I would say - write about what speaks to you and what your heart knows or longs to share.  Write from the heart in anything you do because you will connect with others.

I read a lot of books, both fiction and nonfiction and try to learn as much as I can.  I study what others do and learn from that.  My writings and books are my way of helping myself to continue my own healing process in this life.  In many ways, I think books of all types are that for the author.  They allow the author to explore areas that they might not otherwise get to do.

Most days, I just write.  I allow myself to write.  I give myself the time and space to do it.  When I do the initial writing, I do not worry about punctuation and spelling and grammar.  I just want to get my thoughts down.

Then I go back through it and start working the concepts to be more clear and I begin working on the editing.  When I think I've got it, I give it another run through.  Fortunately I have a friend that helps me with the final editing and grammar part, trying to pick up things I missed.

In the end, what I write is something I want that will connect with others and communicate the points I'm trying to make.  I want it to challenge and move people in a direction where they discover a little more about themselves than they knew existed.  I want it to be full of compassion and respect, because without those things, it is merely words on a page.

So what tips do you have for new writers? 

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