Sunday, November 20, 2016

Change Is More Than Just Your Thoughts

I read things online that make my head spin around a few times.  Great sounding statements that are put out there as something of life-changing universal value, but are lacking in the completely thought-out department.

Yes, I know we can choose to change our thoughts.  I know that what we think creates us.  I know that thoughts are very powerful in how we move forward or we don't.  My life has experienced this firsthand in some pretty difficult moments.

The only thing is, the thought I keep seeing online suggest that you can just wake up, change the thought and poof it is all 100% magically better.  Maybe they don't mean it to come across that way, but it does.  Maybe they think that "thought" alone is the key to everything, but is that the whole story?

You see, we are so unconscious in our days.  We think we are aware, but that's the story that unconsciousness tells.  It is what convinces us that we are truly more awakened then we are.  The ego loves that.  The self likes to proclaim this.

Unfortunately, we are unconscious.  We are numb and disconnected.  We are not aware of what is truly going on in our mind and body.  There are so many tapes playing over and over in our head as if we're just taking a breath without thinking about it.

So, when we say we can choose our thoughts to change our life, I would not disagree.  However, that's only part of the story.  We've chosen to disregard the rest of the story.

The only way to unearth that unconscious tapes that play in our head (the thoughts we don't see or account for), is to go in deep within the mind and the body.  No, it isn't the mind only.  This is a deep mind and body centered moment.  It has been written and taught about since the ancient times of our planet, but few dare to travel into these worlds.

Instead we focus on stating happy thoughts.  We focus on telling others what they should know so they move on.  We look at the world through simplistic eyes, rather than seeing the big picture.  That is what unconsciousness does.  It is a silly and insidious voice.  It is a trickster.

There is more to life, than just being part of the status quo of regurgitated content and happy thought practices.  There is more to life than boiling it down into one size fits all.  It is complex.  We are complex.

Because we are complex, we often hide from knowing our conscious thought.  It often involves some hard work to go into those deep dark closets and clean them out.  It is often easier for us to just numb and disconnect and avoid them.  It takes courage to truly know thyself.

At the end of the day, let your thoughts be filled with consciousness.  It is an ongoing process that the world needs, not a one-size fits all approach.  It is a moment where we realize we aren't all we need to be, but if we step forward, we will discover much more than we knew existed.

Thoughts can and do change our lives, but thoughts connected with consciousness and love are a million times more powerful.  These thoughts truly get the essence of life and when the essence of life is understood, there is no stopping personal growth and change.

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