Friday, May 6, 2016

Power To Change Our Mind And Body

Its far to easy to think we can't!   It is far to easy to think the odds are stacked against us.  All too often, we don't believe in the power to change our lives.  We think that to change requires a drug, surgery, device or new age cure.

Yes, there are times when these things are may be necessary, but many times we have not exhausted our options.  We fall for the "fear" of having to do "something" to treat whatever condition we have.  We fall for the fear of listening to the hype in the media or online of how to find some substance and cure to treat ourselves.

All too often, we chase after the placebos and yet we don't even realize it.  We look to outside sources and we look to the modern day miracle cures as if they were our only salvation.  Yet, we do not stop to look within and tap into the natural healing power we posses.

We may think we aren't smart enough or not talented enough to do this.  We may think that this only applies to a special few.  We may think it is just new age mumble jumble and only God heals us if we're good enough.

Our bodies strive for health and balance.  We have many biological processes that help us maintain homeostasis in the body.  When we input stress constantly, we disrupt the balance.  When we carry around the baggage of a lifetime, we disrupt the balance.

When we inject substances into our bodies, one part of our biological system is helped while another is short-circuited.  In that moment, we force our body to find a way to bring us back to homeostasis.  Instead of working to balance out that which is not working, we introduce yet another entity that now the body will need to overcome.

There are far too many cure-all substances out there that get pushed every day.  Many are not backed up by science and some that are, were done in research studies with so much bias that they are no different.  It does not stop anyone from pushing the drugs, miracle cures and unnecessary stopgap measures.

We have far more power in us to do that which is laughed at in modern society.  We chase too many nonexistent rainbows when all we need to do is believe in the power we have to change our mind and our body.

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