Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finding Fault In Others

It is so easy to do this and it seems in these days that most of the people on this planet are experts at it.  Finding fault in others seems to be the go-to-device for most occupants of this planet when maybe it should not be so.

If you turn on the news or read Facebook and Twitter, you can see that much of what is posted is finding fault with others.  It isn't that anyone tries to understand what another person is saying.  It isn't that anyone tries to listen to and hear what others are saying.  It is more that we are finding fault in others far too much.

Everyone thinks they have the answers and are smarter than the next person. Everyone thinks they understand the issues of the day more than the next person.  Everyone thinks they would have made a better decision than the one that did even though they were not privy to all the facts that went into the decision.

We fight and scream at one another.  We shout and tell the world how much we know that others don't.  We act as if our opinion matters most because everyone else out there is so stupid and just doesn't understand.

Hey, I've been guilty of this too.  I know we're all human but it doesn't excuse our behavior.  We should be working to right the ship and listen to one another.  We should be working to see the good in one another and open our minds up to their ideas to see how they might help us as a civilization.

If instead of finding fault in others, why not try listening?  Why would we not try showing love to one another?  I don't mean speaking words of love and then finding fault in someone because that isn't love.  You can try all you want to make it into love, but its like trying to make dirt into water.  It just is not so!

Finding fault with one another makes us less than human.  It shows how much we lack personally in our understanding and evolution and awareness, than all others.  When we show others love and stop finding fault in them, it is then that we are beginning to discover what it means to be human.

I'm sure that if we could somehow take an MRI of the brains when we activate finding fault with others, it might give us evidence we are not who we think we are in that moment.  Let us find a way to find the good in one another, rather than the faults.

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