Friday, May 20, 2016

Why Go Easy On Dennis Hasert?

It is being reported that Tom Delay has written the court to ask them to go easy on the child molester.  Yep, for some reason Tom Delay thinks his opinion matters and the court should go easy on Dennis Hasert.  Now, I don't care about the politics here.  I really don't.  What I care about is the victims.

The victims don't get an easy life after they've been molested, so why should the child abuser?  Why should we go out of our way to coddle Dennis Hasert when abusing a child is one of the most despicable things you can do.  It seems like we apply the law one way for certain people and another way for others.

We make laws to allow these guys to get a much easier sentence then they should.   We make laws to go easy on the child molesters while the victims are sentenced to a lifetime of hell.  Statute of limitation laws prevent many victims from seeking justice and even if they attempt to seek justice, they are made out to be the horrible one, not the child molester.

When you're defending a child molester...

When I see someone defending a child molester as in the case of Tom Delay asking the court to go easy on Dennis Hasert, I wonder if there is not more to the story.  Most people would be repulsed by someone who does this.  If you think a child molester should have it easy, then I question what that says about you and what you are hiding in your life, Mr. Tom Delay.

I hear people get upset that the church is being targeted and yet these same people don't stop and read the bible they proclaim to follow.  Remember when Jesus talks about not harming children?  Maybe you forget that.  Of course, there are those that think their church is getting targeted over others and they think that is wrong.  Again, remember when Jesus talks about not harming children?  Maybe you forgot that again.

Child abuse victims need our help...

We should view child molesters as scum in our society and lock them away for the rest of their life.  We should be viewing the victims as the ones that need our care and concern.  We should not be asking a court to go easy on someone who has violated one of the most intimate parts of a young child.  The child can NEVER get this back.  Once the intimate part of a person is taken, there is no going back!

I have heard far too many stories over the course of my life with what the victims went through.  I've endured my own story.  It rips my heart in two and tears apart everything I can fathom at what child molesters do to children.  If you had heard the stories, you would most likely cringe like I do every time they are told.

When are we going to get serious in this country and stop child abuse?  When are we going to realize that it is not only some unknown person that is hiding around the corner that abuses children.  When are we going to wake up and realize that most victims know who their abusers are?

How about your thoughts?  Am I out of line by what I have written?  Am I just getting too angry?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I'd rather keep the politics out of this discussion because it is about child abuse, not politics.

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