For those who struggle, it is a nightmare.  For those who have had their lives torn apart because a loved one committed suicide, the pain continues.  The questions continue.  Suicide of a loved one often destroys the lives of those left behind.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

True Angelic Experience

The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue, True Angelic Experience

A True Angelic Experience Involving Hearing

  • Sentences usually begin with the words you or we.
  • There’s a sense that someone else is talking to you, even if it sounds like your own voice.
  • It’s readily apparent how the message related to your immediate concerns or questions.
  • The voice is to the point and blunt.
  • The sound is loving and positive, even if it’s warning you of danger.
  • The voice asks you to take immediate action, including changing your thoughts or attitude to be more loving.
  • The voice calls your name upon awakening.
  • You become aware of strains of beautiful, disembodied “celestial” music.
  • You receive a message about self-improvement or helping others.

- The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue

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