For those who struggle, it is a nightmare.  For those who have had their lives torn apart because a loved one committed suicide, the pain continues.  The questions continue.  Suicide of a loved one often destroys the lives of those left behind.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

We Shift Into The Freeze Response

Freedom From Pain by Peter Levine - We Shift Into The Freeze Response
We human animals, however, often cannot escape or fight back, and have been conditioned not to allow our bodies time to “shake off” the aftermath of threat. We then often shift into the freeze response. Remnants of the fight, flight, or freeze response, when not released from the body, leave us in these heightened and inhibited physiological states. In order to try to integrate back into society (where we often receive the message to “just get over it”), we try to suppress these urges to fight back or flee.  (Pg 5-6, Freedom From Pain by Peter Levine)

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