Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Diagnosis of Conversion Disorder

I recently saw a video online from the ADAA 2016 conference.  In this video, Dr Rochelle Caplan from UCLA was talking about the treatment and diagnosis of Conversion Disorder.  I see many things out there each day on this subject, but none as eloquently articulated as Dr. Caplan did.

Because I've been through Conversion Disorder, I am particularly interested in discussions like this.  When I went through my own experience, there was no internet to read up on this subject.  I was pretty much on my own to find my way through it.  With the help of doctors, it took me some time to piece my life together.

She talks about several things in the area of treatment and diagnosis of Conversion Disorder along with current research.  However, there are three things that stood out to me.
  1. Maladaptive problem solving
  2. The biggest problems to diagnosing the disorder
  3. How we handle negative emotions.

I have not only seen this condition play out in myself, but in others who I had the opportunity to be a witness to their own healing and recovery.  I know without a doubt what Dr. Caplan means when she says there is a big barrier to diagnosing this because I have seen that come through in discussions with my own family and other families affected by conversion disorder.

Every day I read things online of people begging for people who understand.  In all honesty, when I see things like this video, I am happy that this disorder is finally making headway into reality.  There are many who are hurting.

At the same time, I know how people suffering from this hold themselves back from healing.  I do not say this to anger or upset anyone, but I know it was true in my own life and I have observed it in other people.  It is a difficult situation to navigate and no one size fits all.

However, I am glad that I did not accept where I was and I looked every day for the slightest way of healing myself.  This may sound too simplistic and in some ways it is, but I know firsthand that in order to heal, you've got to let go of that which has not worked for you up to this point in your life.  When you do that, so much will begin to be revealed beyond the walls you have built.

Please don't let it upset you what I have written if you are going through Conversion Disorder.  I do understand what it is like, but I also found a way through it and beyond.

Take a moment to check out the video by Dr. Rochelle Caplan because she has a lot of great information to share.  I can't say thank you enough to her for how well she articulated something so serious and complicated.

Video Link

How To Accurately Diagnose, Treat Conversion Disorder

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