Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How Fast Can I Heal?

I remember asking this question myself many years ago and sometimes I still do.  How fast can I heal?  How quickly can I get beyond this?  Why do I have to go through this stuff over and over with sometimes no end in sight.

There are times when the difficulties mount in life and it is all you can do to hold your head above water long enough to get a gulp of air, before the next wave crashes over your head.  Sometimes, that is enough and all that you need in that moment.  Sometimes anymore than that is setting expectations a tad bit high.

Even in the moment where you think, when will this be over - it is in those moments that your body, mind, and soul are finding a way to connect together and align for your continued development.  It is like each part is trying to come online and sync up with the other.  To hurry that along, may mean you are only operating with partial systems functioning, rather than your entire self.

Rebuilding Neural Pathways...

Sometimes, I think that as you endure the difficult moments for what may seem like an eternity, it is then that you are really going in and processing all the neural pathways.  From all those moments in the past where you built the neural pathways up to survive, you are now going in silently and without knowing as you rebuild and re-evaluate each and every one of them.  This takes time.

I have found that so many times on this path of healing, that I've had so much to deal with and I can only deal with so much at one time.  If you try to force that too quickly or rush it before it is ready, then there's a chance you can just overload your system.   Your system stays in survival mode, rather than learning and growth mode.  Sometimes being okay with taking things slow allows your growth and enhancement mode to take over which really benefits you.

Hurrying the process will exhaust you...

The more you have gone through and experience, the more there is to sort through.  Just like clean up after a storm, you can only accomplish so much at one time.  It literally takes time to complete the storm cleanup.  Trying to hurry through the process will most likely only exhaust you and serve little purpose.  If you pace yourself and take it one step at a time, you'll find the storm clean up goes much better.

It is easy to want to heal and get things over with because who would want to stay in the mess that they see their lives in at that moment.  However, healing is not a linear step 1, step 2, step 3 scenario.  It is going in and finding the root of the pain and despair and hopelessness, trying to turn that into something that is hope, possibility and joy.

Healing takes time.  It is not a race even if we try to make it into one.  It is a matter of continued growth and evolution because I believe that when you've been through horrific experiences in life, there is something that you will see when the rest of the world turns a blind eye.  It is a part of you that is needed for the universe because you will have an understanding far beyond what most people do.

Allow yourself to grow and evolve.  Allow yourself to surrender into the pain and be okay with where you're at in the moment.  That is the point that really gives you the option to go forward, because the more you fight it, the more difficult it gets and the longer it takes.  Both ways get you to the final result, but one will exhaust you quicker than the other.

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