Friday, November 4, 2016

Body Weight Is An Indicator of Mind Body Health

A long long time ago in the early days of humans, we encountered the winter time where temperatures were much colder than the summer.  In the beginning days, most humans didn't have thick heavy clothes to wear.  When the weather was bad, there would be days that no human could go outside and gather food without adequate clothing.  Food would become scarce.

The human body learned to adapt and started to store up food reserves in the late summer and early fall months.  Most animals do this and we humans living in a human body are no different.  As we stored up food, it would show in extra weight especially around the area of our vital organs.

Extra fat and body weight and reserves around our vital organ area or midsection, allowed not only reserves that we could feed off of and keep ourselves going, but it also allowed an added layer of protection from heat loss in the body.  It kept us insulated against the colder days and nights.

In many ways, extra weight is not only a function of what we eat and how we eat, but it is also a function of how we feel inside.  If we're feeling scared and lonely, we need our protection and our safety blanket.  If we're not sure it is safe to step outside of our immediate world, we need the protection around us.  This protection comes in the form of additional body weight, especially near the organs.

Just as much as we need protection and we get it through extra body fat and weight, sometimes we also view our body and our life in such a way that we despise ourselves.  Our low self image and low self esteem can be silent and subconsciously turning away the food we need to maintain our body weight and strength.

Most of the time this happens without us being conscious of it because if we were conscious of what was going on, we would be able to adjust our life appropriately.  We as modern day humans carry far too much daily stress with us and we drag around the baggage of our past with us each day.  Some humans are working to rid these things, but too many are controlled by their lives rather than in control of their life.

Getting rid of the daily build up of stress is much more than grabbing a drink or taking a vacation where you are connected to your smart phone, text messages, and email.  It is a lifestyle choice that you make to disconnect and turn off the things that keep your body revved up at a higher state of functioning.  It is a lifestyle choice where you choose to let your body be silent and still and find relaxation, rather than trying to see how much you can fit in your day.

Getting rid of past experiences and trauma in your life is not about thinking some happy thought and believing it no longer affects you.  It is about recognizing it and going into it so that you can clean out the closets of your life and release it.  It is more than a mental exercise.

It is about going deep into the body and through an increasing awareness, finding a consciousness that no longer needs these all that you hold on to in your life.  It is a process, not a moment where you exclaim everything is perfect and 100% healed.

Body weight is a good indicator of your overall mind-body health.  We all struggle with it to some degree and we live in a society that is so obsessed with body image, that we lose site of what life is truly about.  It is a balance between all things that we should strive for, not how we can keep up with the latest trend, fashion, or makeshift belief system about what our world should be.

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