Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Flu Shot

I know, I know, not everyone will agree with me on this.  Some will think it is hogwash.  Some will think it is too simple.  Yet, some will think it is all just hocus pocus new age mumble jumble.  Yet, my flu shot doesn't come in a syringe.  Its something I do daily.

My daily flu shot is a whole food smoothie.  Please don't get this mixed up with juicing or green drinks or ice cream smoothies.  This is a WHOLE FOOD smoothie.  I've written about this at other times on this blog, but since 2009 we have been doing these every day.

The one thing I really notice about whole food smoothies is how it helps digestion.  If we want to get more graphic, it helps bowel elimination. At a time when constipation and poor bowel movements seem to be epidemic, this greatly enhances it.  There is nothing like good and healthy elimination to really keep you feeling better.  Hopefully, you're not too embarrassed because this is something we should be able to talk about among humans.

The next thing I notice about the whole food smoothies is that overall, I feel better.  I feel like my body is getting food and nutrients that are good for it.  It is like my cells crave this stuff.  On top of that, my tastes for junk food have diminished.   Yes, I still struggle with sweets and sugar and chocolate, but not like I once did.

Most importantly though, I don't get flu and colds like I once did.  The whole food smoothies really help me stay healthy.  I have never done flu shots and I don't plan to start introducing a foreign substance into my body.  After all, with whole food smoothies, I can go down to the store or my garden and know exactly what it is that I'm eating.  I don't need to go get the flu shot like most people do with this type of program.

It wasn't long ago that I was in the store and overheard a lady in front of me saying she was on round two or three of the flu that had been going around that year.  I was dumbfounded and not just because she had been that sick.  I was shocked because I didn't know there had been that much flu going around.  I live in a different paradigm.

Of course, you probably will want to read up more on what I mean when I say whole food smoothies.

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Check out the YouTube video I did on how I make my Whole Food Smoothies.
 - - Making Whole Food Smoothies.

If you decide to try this out, don't do it with a cheap blender that you can buy in any store.  We use the Blendtec and it works great.  It is a high powered blender.  We are using the same blender we bought back in 2009.  They not only work well, but they last a long time!

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