Friday, April 1, 2016

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma

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One of the ways that I deal with life is through writing.  It is my way of processing what is happening in my brain especially when I cannot make sense of life.  This is how my book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma was created.

I did not set out to write a book, but with time, I began to see that what I had written over the years could more than easily fill a book.  I saw that if I shared what I had written, it could help many people.  The process of picking and choosing and organizing what I put in my book out of what I had written over the years, was not an easy one.

The words in my book depict the struggles and challenges I faced as well as the moments where I had insights.  It is a timeline of how I processed all that I did, but not in a boring way.  It was written as my healing unfolded.

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I have been through a lot of trauma and torture and sexual abuse at those who wish to deny my existence.  Mental and emotional abuse was a big part of my experience as well as religion.  It has taken me years to heal and get to the point I am now, but sometimes my life is still far too fragile.  There are many things that I wish I could forget and far too much that I wish I could recall.

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma is an inspirational book showing all that I went through as I recorded what I wrote over the years.  It is by no means a complete account of all that happened as that is for the next book I am now working on.

If you have been through child abuse, trauma, and torture, this book will speak to you.  It will show you courage in the face of overwhelming experiences of life and it will show you that there is Hope And Possibility Through Trauma.

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