Saturday, April 30, 2016

Loving The Lord Is A License To Abuse Children

The recent story of Dennis Hasert and Tom Delay's letter to the court have me seriously wanting to puke my guts out.  I'm angry beyond words.  I'm struggling to make sense of this.  I want to lash out at those that abuse children.

I grew up with this mindset that loving the lord gives you a license to abuse children.  My father loved the lord and made sure we were in church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night and any other time something was going on.  Yet, he molested me and beat me and did many horrible things to myself and other members of my family.

Now, I see that my older brother claims to love the lord and yet he did almost as much horrible stuff as my dad did to me.  He molested me almost every day of my life.  He bullied me, beat me.  He did the same to my younger brother.  He caused my mom so much grief and lied like there was no tomorrow.  Yet, he loves the lord and he is some "great christian", repeated once again.

Seeing Tom Delay try to make Dennis Hasert out to be "not such a bad guy" makes my blood boil with anger.  To me, it says if you're going to defend a person who abuses children in this way, then you're just as guilty, Tom Delay.  Maybe someone should be looking into your past.  I don't care about the politics.  I could care less which political seat they held.  Abusing children is about the lowest thing you can do.

How can  you say you love the lord and yet, you destroy one of the most intimate parts of a child?  How can you equate love with abusing children?  Do these child molesters just not understand what it is they do?  Are they that stupid or do they think we are that gullible?

There is no way you can have love in your heart and do these things to children.  There is no way you can say you love the lord while going against what Jesus said when he stated, Do Not Harm Little Children!

While Dennis Hasert only got 15 months in jail, the victims get a life sentence of hell.  They don't get to just stop thinking about being abused as children.  They don't get to stop thinking about all that was done to them.  They don't get to stop dealing with all the triggers and intimacy issues, suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety.  It stays with them forever.  If they are lucky, they will find some healing from it.

As a society we hold other law breakers up as being worse than a child abuser.  In all reality, a child abuser should get the death penalty.  They are a scourge upon society and the earth.  They are a scum that should be exiled and banished from civilization.  We should be ashamed that we as a society allow the child abusers to get such easy sentences. 

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