Thursday, April 7, 2016

Monkey See Monkey Do

Most of our life, we've probably known this, but often we don't put it in perspective.  Monkey see, monkey do is as alive and relevant as it ever has been.  I think one could easily describe this as mirror neurons.

Mirror neurons are those parts of our body that really look towards other humans to help us orient ourselves in the world around us.  What we see others do, we tend to mimic and do this as well.  We mirror what we see.  So, in all reality, it is monkey see, monkey do.

Like the small child who observes a brother or sister doing something and they learn from this so they too do the same thing.  It is the same as a young child who watches their parents do things and somehow all of the sudden they can do those things as well.  It is the way we learn and grow and evolve.

Now, please don't take this to extreme like the church I grew up which thought if you do something wrong, you're responsible for the actions of your brother or sister.  I mean, these people took this to the extreme.  I believe we all still have choices that we make and no matter what another person does, it doesn't mean we have to follow in their actions and footsteps.

I believe mirror neurons though help us find our place among society and with human civilization.  It is to help us learn how to work together and function together for the survival of the species.  Without it, we might all be walking in different directions.

Of course, I believe today there is a warning, because as we look at political leaders, they are performing actions that are less than human.  Unfortunately the mirror neurons of their followers are operating at full peak and does not appear to be any chance of slowing down.  I believe these actions can be harmful because they are not controlled by survival or the heart, but by the power and control of the ego.

As humans, I believe we have a responsibility to consider the highest good and survival of our species.  It isn't helpful to our civilization when we act as if we have no moral guide and compass.  Spouting hateful rhetoric towards another really shows just how low we have sunk in following the mirror neurons we see before us.

My hope is that we begin to use our mirror neurons to mimic behavior that is for our highest good, not for the lowest common denominator.  We all need to work together to survive in this world and on this planet.  Acting as if it is us against them in no ways brings about the future survival of our species.

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