Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Mom Was Special

All my life, she was very special.  After all, she was my mom.  She gave birth to me and she fed me, helped clothe me and overall I think she was one of the few that understood me.

At various times of the year because my mom was special, I did everything I could to show her how much I cared.  Yes, the turmoil and horror that went on in our house did not make it easy for her, but it was my small way of being a comfort to my mom.

At Easter, I would often bring my mom an Easter Lilly.  I still remember bringing her Apple Blossoms thinking it was some type of flower that grew on a tree.  She always accepted it with gratitude and smiled even if I had no clue what it was that I brought her.

The day I learned my mom died in a car accident, it was devastating to me.  There was so much left unsaid because of situations within the family that prevented the conversation.  My mom was so special to me though in my heart and it took a long time to heal the grief.

Out of the healing of my grief, I wrote and created some beautiful relaxing piano music.  It comes from deep within my heart.  At one point, I finally got to put it together as a "Mothers Day Music" collection for someone giving it as a gift to their clients on Mother's Day.

It is such a beautiful and flowing CD of relaxing piano music.  It was created because my mom is so special to me and it is my way of honoring her.

I know Mother's Day is coming up in about a month, so why not check this out.  Help me honor my mom and how special she was.  I'm sure your own mom would enjoy this music as well.

You can learn more about the music by going to a special website I created for Mother's Day.  In addition to the music, I've also put up some various resources that may help you for planning Mothers Day for your own mom.

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