Friday, April 22, 2016

Top Mistakes Made On The Internet

At one time the behavior that we now see online would have been classified as horrible.  It would have been viewed as some website creator that had no clue what they were doing.  Now, our internet experience is made up of all those things that were considered poor website design.  The top mistakes are made by the novice to the experienced, from the small sites to the major sites.

The first top mistake I see is when you click on a link and you get to the page of the article you were hoping to read, but something stands in your way of reading it.  The page starts to load and you start to read it, but then the unexpected happens.  Okay, maybe now it is no longer unexpected.  The ads begin to pop up and take over the screen telling you that in so many seconds you can close them out.  Great, just the reason why I came to your page, so I could read your ads. 

The second top mistake I see is the immediate popup of a survey that you want me to take about your website.  So, before I have had a chance to view anything on your website, you want me to answer questions about your webiste.  Yes, that's the ticket!  That's the sole reason I found your site.  I could care less about your content because all I want to do is take surveys all day long.  This is the entire reason for my existence!  I can guarantee you what kind of answers I would give on your survey if I felt like completing it.

On to top mistake number three where the minute the page loads, the site wants you to sign up for their mailing list.  You might not even know who is behind the site or what they have to offer.  It might just be a link that you ran across.  Lo and behold though, the site owner thinks that you need to get another email in your inbox.  It is as if you don't already get enough spam in your email box the way it is, so let's sign up for some more.  Most email newsletters are not worth two seconds of my time.  Sorry if that offends everyone, but most email newsletters get deleted before I read them.

Top mistake number four is having a web that is so cluttered with so many options and articles and things to click on that you are overwhelmed and lost.  It is almost like website creators are hoping that if they throw enough stuff at the wall, you will click on something.  Unfortunately, it makes the site so confusing and hard to follow that I end up exiting the site.  Website creators have to consider what it is like for a first time visitor and from what I see, very few even think about this.

Top mistake number five is when there is keyword spamming on the page.  You might have found a link on social media or a google search and you go to the website, but nothing on it even resembles what  you were after.  In fact, it is almost hard to find the key search word that you were going for.  It wastes your time and it does not make for a good user experience.  If you think this is how you market and get people to your site to bring in revenue, you may want to look for a different job on the internet because you have completely missed the point.

These are only the top 5 that I can come up with, but by all means, they are not an exhaustive list.  There are far more things that are done every day on websites that should really make the creators and owners ashamed.  At one time, people respected their visitors, but these days it is one online scam and spam session after another.

I believe if you give people some quality content, they will reward you for it in the end.  If you are there just to try and pickpocket the visitors, I think most people will figure it out.  Yes, there might not be a way to measure that, but your visitors will surely see your intentions.

I'm sure that many website creators will not agree and they think their methods are the best.  They think that a mailing list of thousands of people is the way to go or popup ads is what people want.  I know, these things do net "sales" and "sales opportunities", but they really degrade the internet and I think they make you inauthentic at the end of the day.

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