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Creating Your Life And Self Sabotage

I recently found this video and loved it, so I wanted to share it with all of you.  Ever since the movie documentary, "What The Bleep" has aired, I have always liked and enjoyed what Dr. Joe Dispenza has said.

A company from Australia that I am now an affiliate called 180Nutrition interviewed Dr. Joe Dispenza and it was an excellent video.  I took  notes of the video and have tried to summarize them below to help you follow along with the video.

I did not realize that Dr. Joe Dispenza went through a horrible accident in a triathlon and to heal his paralysis from his broken vertebrae, he found a way to heal himself without medications and surgery.  Yes, the surgeons thought he had PTSD when he opted not to have surgery, but in the end, he conquered what life had thrown his way.

Take a look at 180nutrition, because these guys have similar views to healing and taking care of the body that I write about on this blog.  It is what attracted me to them and today I just tried their product for the first time.  It was delicious!  Here's the link for 180nutrition.

Notes From The Video


Dr. Joe Dispenza with 180Nutrition Guys


Break the Habit of Being Yourself & Create the Life You Truly Want

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  1.  In 1986, he was injured by a vehicle during a triathlon and broke six vertebrae in his back.  Surgeons wanted him to have a procedure called the Harrington Rod surgery.  
    • Dr. Dispenza said if it was a patient of his, he would have advised them to have the procedure.
    • He opted not to go the surgery and the surgeon thought he had PTSD because no one ever opted out of this surgery for the condition he was in.
    • He did not want to be paralyzed and in a wheel chair taking medications for the rest of his life.
    • He decided to take the journey between the connection of the mind and body, realizing that some intelligence giving us life, if he could connect with it and surrender to it, then he felt he could heal himself.
    • He went through hell and realized that this was much more difficult than he realized and much harder than simply stating this concept.
    • Six weeks later he began to see changes.
    • Ten weeks later he walked back into life and was doing races at 12 weeks.
  2.  Meditation was a big part of how Dr. Dispenza healed himself
    • Consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention.
    • He reasoned that when he closed his eyes, he could eliminate the external environment, forget about the paralysis and the pain in his body.
    • He did this for three hours every day.
    • His mind would start to wander and then he would start the meditation process over.
    • He stated that it took him a long time to anchor into his brain.
  3. Why Do People Self Sabotage?
    • The hardest part about change is not making the same choices you did the day before.
    • The moment you decide to do something different, get ready because you're going to feel uncomfortable.
      • To no longer think the same way
      • To no longer make the same choice
      • To no longer behave the same way
      • To no longer have the same experience
      • To no longer live by the same emotion
    • You're going to feel unfamiliar.
    • You are stepping into the river of change and the minute things don't feel good, that is when someone wants to return to their same chemical state.
    • Going from the old self to the new self is crossing that river of change.
    • It is the biological, neurological, chemical, hormonal, genetic death of the old self.
    • Most people want to create a new life but they cling to the familiar self and emotions.  The moment they stop feeling the same way they always have, they feel uncomfortable.
    • The body starts to send signals back to the brain that says start tomorrow, this doesn't feel right or you'll never change.  The person listens to that voice or thought as if it were true.
    • The thought leads to the same choice which leads to the same behavior and the same experience and to the same feeling.  It feels right.  It is what they know.  It is what feels familiar.
    • People don't believe they can go from one place to the other because when they are in that void, you can't predict the future.  The moment someone can't predict the future, they go back to what they know.  
    • The best way to create your future is in the unknown, not in the known.
    • Self Sabotage is what feels familiar.
  4. When creating a vision of your future, are there muscles to train to keep yourself on track or faith that the outcome will be there?
    • You're either defined by a vision of the future or defined by a memory of the past.
    • The brain creates images and pictures which forms intention.  
    • When we get clear on intention and the vision, it creates an emotion.
    • You become inspired, excited, enthusiastic.
    • The body lives in the future, not in the past.
    • Like a garden, you have to keep feeding it and giving it life.
    • If we use feelings as a barometer for change, we will talk ourselves out of possibility.
    • The moment we don't feel like doing it, we turn back to our old self.
    • The person that arrives at their goal and vision is because their vision is their compass.
      • They will make choices consistent with their vision.
      • They will get clear on the choices they are going to make.
      • They will get clear on the experiences and behaviors they need to stay away from and the emotions that bring them to a lower denomination.
    • People get too distracted with meaningless things that takes them to emotions that keep them from the vision.
  5.  Placebo Effect
    • Story of a study with cancer patients.  30% of the ones on the placebo chemotherapy treatment lost their hair).
    • More than 40% on their way to chemotherapy that are told they are going to get nauseous, get nauseous on the drive there in anticipation of the treatment.
    • Can we think ourselves healthy?
      • If people are given a sugar pill, saline injection, false surgery or procedure, a certain percentage of those people will accept, believe, surrender to the though that they are getting the real substance or procedure.  
      • They will begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make the exact pharmacy of chemicals that they think they are taking.
    • Is it the inert substance or the body's innate ability doing the healing?
    • In a depression study, 81% of the people given the placebo got better because they are making their own pharmacy of antidepressants in their body.
    • More than 50% of people in pain studies given saline are having no pain because they are making their own morphine by thought alone.
    • A pill in the quantum field represents getting healthy.  The moment you combine a pill with the possibility of an emotion such as hope, the combination of clear intention and elevated emotion takes the person from living in the past to living in their future.
    • It is a scientific fact that the hormones of stress push the genetic buttons that create disease.  70% of our culture lives in stress the majority of their time.  
    • You can think about something in the past or worry about the future and turn on the stress response just by thought alone.
    • If you thoughts can make you sick, is it possible that your thoughts can make you well?


There is a good chance, I've missed some other great material in this video.  I just tried to take down notes for myself and share them with everyone.  You can use the notes as you listen to the video and you will probably get much more from it. 

In my own life, I have found to be true, what he says.  I too, was paralyzed but from a Conversion Disorder.  At one time I was told I would most likely never function fully in life and I would always be on medication.  The doctors were not sure if I would ever walk and hold down a job.  I was bound and determined to prove them wrong and I did.  I take no medication and anyone around me would never know I was once paralyzed and almost no longer alive.

There is so much we can do and hopefully you will listen to this video.  This is not new age mumble jumble.  It is stuff that many of us have already discovered and understand.

Thank you to Dr. Joe Dispenza for the video you did with the 180nutrition guys.  I hope to get the chance to attend one of your events because your concepts have helped me in my life.

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