Thursday, April 21, 2016

180 Nutrition Is More Than A Protein Powder

I want to tell you about a product that I discovered and just started to try.  It is called 180 Nutrition and the company is out of Australia.  I got a sample pack to try and now I'm waiting for our shipment to arrive so I can try it out every day.

Just so there is no misleading influence here, I am now an affiliate for 180 Nutrition.  They actually contacted me and when I looked at the website, it fits in with what I needed for my life at this time.  You can go to their website and read up on their products, but I'll share with you my experiences.

It looks like they just opened up the US market and started selling some of their products to those who are not in Australia.  Hopefully as the days go, their complete product listing will be available in the US, but for now - its a start.

Normally I don't get into products such as this, but it made sense for me for many reasons.  In addition, I like the fact that they also feel we consume too much sugar.  I will admit, that even though I know this, I still consume far more sugar than I wish I did and I feel like I'm addicted to it.  So, I'm hoping that this program will help me with that.

Here's Why I Said Yes To 180 Nutrition

  • Sugar is something I struggle with and I'm hoping this will help
  • I could stand to lose a little weight
  • I'd rather find a healthier choice for snacks.
  • I like the idea of added protein in my diet. 
  • The product is all natural foodstuffs and that's important.
  • Planning on making my own protein brownies!  Yummy!

As I start taking this every day, I will keep notes and then share that at the end of thirty days to give my observations.  So, please keep checking back for updates.

One of the things I noticed when I used the starter packs is that the chocolate one tasted much better to me than the coconut one.  Maybe if I would have used different fruits, it would have been better.  The chocolate one was delicious and I mixed it with water and a banana.  The one thing I will say is that I wish I would have used ice.  It was way too warm for my liking.

I've got a video I am working on for YouTube of me making the smoothie with this protein pack the first day.  It isn't quite ready, but check back and hopefully, I will have it up soon.

The one thing I did notice is that I wasn't as hungry as I normally am after consuming the starter packs.  I didn't need to snack like I would on a regular day.  If it helps me that much, it will definitely be a home run.

I also like that the guys who run 180 Nutrition are into the mind-body connection and I did see one of their video interviews with Dr. Joe Dispenza who is phenomenal in my view.

Anyway, if you're looking to step up your own nutrition, take a look at 180 Nutrition.  I think you'll be surprised like I was when I checked out their website.

Full Disclosure:  I am an affiliate for 180 Nutrition.  I only promote and endorse products that I completely love and have used.

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