Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walking Through Muck

I remember a long time ago a therapist gave me an example about difficult moments in life.  She told me that sometimes we have to walk through the muck and the mud to get to higher ground.  In many ways, this is the case.

Unfortunately when you're walking through the muck and mud, it isn't easy.  Each step can take a great amount of energy to pull your foot up out of the muck and place it down again.  Each step you take can leave you wondering if it is really worth.

You may wonder if you have the strength or the energy to get to take the next step.  You may think that just taking a step is useless and question if this is even the right thing.  Often, you can't even see the higher ground, so you just have to convince yourself to take another step.

God only knows that I've had more than my share of muck and mud to travel through in my life.  Sometimes, I just don't know if I can keep going.  Sometimes I don't know if it is worth it.  Sometimes I just don't have the energy to take one more blessed step.

It is the little things that sustain me.  It is the people who are truly close to me that matters.  It is me convincing myself that I need to take another step and then another and then another.  No matter if the steps are difficult and they seem futile.  I must take another step.

Just to convince yourself that you need to take another step is sometimes far too difficult to comprehend.  It is a challenge when we stare at all we can see in our life and it appears empty and foggy and disconnected.

As I have and am walking through the muck, I am urging myself to be okay with where I am.  I'm asking of myself to just accept where things are, rather than fighting the mud I now stand in.  For fighting will only drain my energy and my resolve.

I know of no other way to deal with this at the moment.  I know of no other way to find the higher ground.  I know of nothing else to do, but keep trying to take one step at a time and hope that at some point, the muck will give way to higher ground.

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