Sunday, April 3, 2016

Double Speak

It is everywhere.  It is so prevalent that everyone seems to do it but doesn't realize they are doing it.  Double speak is the norm.  Double speak is how we communicate.

I grew up in a home where I was told time and time again, "Don't do as I do.  Do as I tell you to do!"  My father preached and practiced this one every waking minute and day of his life.  The other family members did the same thing for that is what they were being taught.

Unfortunately, neither my Dad or my family seemed to realize that if you don't walk the talk, you're really not someone people want to listen to or trust what you say.  They tend to see right through you as if you are just a bunch of hot air.

Today in politics, we have everyone on all sides of the political spectrum that say one thing, but do another.  They think one way, but they don't practice it.  They spout how horrible others are but they fail to see the logs in their own eyes.  They make sure everyone knows how misguided the people who don't believe the way they do are but at the same time, they don't even stop to listen to themselves.  It isn't one side of the spectrum only that does this.

Freedom and the law and the rules applies to everyone else, but don't you dare turn it back on the ones spouting the rhetoric.  After all, they are the righteous ones or that is what they seem to think.  They don't entertain the thought that maybe someone else has a valid thought or maybe most of their rhetoric is like a water bucket full of holes.

It is easy to tell others what to do.  So many do this in a day and are so oblivious to it that they just keep going on spreading the nonsense and BS as if it is greater than oxygen itself.  Humans seem to love doing this and it is strong evidence of just how alive the ego is today in our world.

Before you start thinking that you've got your act together, I'd say you might want to tread lightly on that thought.  After all, the ego loves to puff ourselves up and make us think we are much more than we are.  It likes to prove to the world just how great we are and how wrong everyone else is.

Double speak is a poison on our society because it makes others less than ourselves.  It makes us delusional in that we know something when others don't.  It brainwashes us into people who think alike and dare to challenge the status quo.

Double speak hurts others. It takes away their humanness.  It reduces not only ourselves and the people around us, but the entire world down into an us vs. them viewpoint.

Double speak is not helpful to human awareness and consciousness.  Double speak is not helpful to the advancement of a civilized society.

If you want to check yourself on this, take an inventory during the day of what you say and how you say it to others.  How do your words come across to people?  Are your words uplifting and helping others see your point of view?  Are you seeing another person's point of view in an open way, or is it nothing more than seeing their view through your own filters?

There are so many examples of double speak in our day and politics is only one of them.  If you look closely at religions or groups and clubs, you'll see this alive and well.  All too often we alienate ourselves by the practice of double speak, when we could become much more enlightened if we stopped the ego and began to listen to one another.

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