Saturday, February 25, 2012

Message To Brain Is Cancel

Message To Brain Is Cancel
One of the things I have been learning lately from various sources is how to get my brain to stop the chatter of loops that do me no good, and think about things that are helpful. My brain can go down into the depths of despair so quickly and sometimes stay there. Often it is a struggle to pull myself back out and I'm sure that is a result of the depression that I still struggle with in my life.

Yet, the thing that is beginning to help me the most is to just stop my brain when I catch it going into the places that I do not want it to go. It isn't always easy to do this, but if I can recognize that I am doing this, it is half the battle. Once you catch yourself being overtaken by the chatter of the negative brain, all you have to do is tell yourself to stop.

Telling yourself to stop appears differently for different people. Each of us needs to learn what works for us. The basic message to the brain is CANCEL or STOP or ENOUGH. These things are your attempt to get your brain to stop long enough for another neural pathway to engage. Another way to state this is that by stopping the message to your brain and allowing a new message to begin, you are rewiring the brain.

In a course I am taking, Christie Marie Sheldon teaches people to use a simple phrase. In the phrase, you repeat whatever it is that is going on and then state that I delete, uncreate and destory all of it. At first when I heard this phrase, I thought it was silly at first, but the more I worked with it, the more I realized there was something to it. In fact, it matches what Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor talks about in her book, My Stroke Of Insight.

Sometimes it is easy to make life out to be much harder than it is. I'm not saying that it is easy if you have been through great difficulty in your life. However, part of healing, in addition to the physical body release of pain, is learning to get new messages to your brain. Learning to rewire the brain is critical in moving on in life because if we don't do this, than we'll continue to run the same neural pathways over and over.

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