Friday, February 3, 2012

The Hunt For Creativity

Fragments Of Awareness

This past weekend, I went to a couple of events that had creativity on display.  While they were two totally different events, the hunt for creativity might have left some empty handed in one event, but fulfilled in the other.  Generally speaking, we have lost our creativity in this world.  What people consider to be creative is usually nothing more than a lot of bright flashing lights, fast moving images and video with sounds that have been regurgitated.

In the one event this week, the items that were displayed looked almost the same from one booth to another.  The colors were even similar and the items were hard to tell apart.  The atmosphere was more subdued and the excitement level of energy was low.  Yet, it appeared that these people poured their life and soul into what they were doing.  It just lacked creativity.

In the other event that I attended, the atmosphere was not only bright and outdoors, but it was vibrant and full of life.  The crowds were larger and people were talking as if they had not met friends in a long time.  Music filled the different areas of the place giving it a greater dimension of connectedness and possibility.  As I walked through this event, I saw creativity everywhere I looked.  It was not the same tired and worn out regurgitation of items that everyone else had already brought to life.  Each one was unique and I actually saw things that I had never seen before.  My mind quickly began to wonder how each of these people developed their given craft and creativity.

In life, it is easy to experience our days and forget creativity is a life validating force.  We easily see and mimic what others do, giving a nod to some slight change while exclaiming that we created something new.  Yet, in all reality, we took a while barn door and painted it red.

When you allow yourself to be creative, you connect to something emotionally deep within your mind, body and soul.  It is a spark of connection between your magical imagination and the reality of bringing it to life.  When creativity strikes, no rules or boundaries matter in life, only possibilities exist.

Of course, in order to be creative, we have to give up our attachment to the rigors of life and allow our minds to drift into the land of all that there is.  In order to have creavitivy, we need to give up our boundaries of limitations in our day so we can see life more fully.  Our consciousness needs to awaken to allow our minds and our bodies to more fully feel everything around us.

Creativity is there waiting to take our hands and dive into the depths of our mind, body and soul.  We just have to show up and connect our life with it.  No special skills are required other than meeting it with our heart and openness, while pushing away judgement and mindlessness.  It is all up to us and if allow the spark of creativity to fly, we will soar with it to a world we can only dream of for our life.

Go on the hunt for creativity by unlocking your potential today.  Find that moment in your life that transports you from the here and now, into a world that you can find only in your mind.  Allow it to blossom and depict all that there is, all that is possible and full of joy and happiness.  Creativity does not need to remain dead but can be awakened in this world, through the openness of each individual to their own creative life force.

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