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Afraid Of Emotions

Afraid Of Emotions

It is sad to see "emotions" shown in a negative way in the news these days. No, I am not taking a political position either way. I don't consider emotions to be something that should become an issue of any segment of our population against another segment of our population. Being afraid of emotions in whatever form it takes, is a recipe for disaster in respect of one another as humans.

All my life, I was taught to hold my emotions in and not let them show. Being a man, you are taught by example how much society frowns upon emotions that are shown in private or public. I saw this example played over and over again in my family and while growing up through the people in my church and community.

Being afraid of emotions is like playing around with a nuclear bomb just waiting to detonate. Emotions are part of our lives and they are part of what makes us human. Emotions are good for our life! To withhold or deny our emotions is to deny the totality of our human existence. Stuffing these emotions deep down inside only adds to physical ailments that will build up over time.

Emotions are there for a reason. They are there to help us experience life and to grow and evolve as humans. There is no such thing as bad emotions and good emotions. All emotions are valid and appropriate for our life. I know that there are many who teach that we should not have certain emotions in our life, but to be frankly honest, they are incorrect. Each emotion is needed to help give the other side of that same state in our mind and body.

If you have happiness without anger, how do you experience anger? If you have pain without joy, how do you experience joy? If you have fear without love, how would you be able to experience love? Hopefully the point I am trying to make is clear.

When we chastise ourselves or others for the emotions we are experiencing, we are really denying our total existence. We are denying who we are and all that we can be. For the emotion may be the peace and solace we need, or the motivating moment of fire that gets us through to the next phase of our life. There are many reasons for both sides of our emotions.

In order for us to have balance in our life, we need to be able to experience opposing moments and emotions. Without the one side of the equation, we would not be living a balanced life and we need the balance to keep ourselves grounded in reality.

There are periods of our life where we feel as if one emotion may be more prominent than the others but that may just be but one period of growth and evolving in our life as a whole. If we allow ourselves to feel all emotions, we will grow in ways that we cannot fathom. We give ourselves the greatest potential to become all we can be and have the greatest impact through our life on the rest of the world. It is through a healthy balance of emotions, that we are alive and truly human.

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