Friday, February 24, 2012

Pain Helps Get Our Attention

Pain Helps Get
Our Attention

I keep running across a recurring theme lately in regards to pain.  These are not new concepts to me, but I feel they are trying to get my attention.  As I was reading on page 157 of "My Stroke Of Insight" by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, the message once again appeared.  Just as she stated, I know pain helps get our attention.

Here is the quote that I especially liked.  "Pain is the tool our cells use to communicate to our brain that there is trauma somewhere in our body.  Our cells stimulate our pain receptors in order to get our brain to focus and pay attention."  All I can say is EXACTLY!

All too often, we focus on ways to get rid of the pain, rather than listening to the pain.  Yes, I know that some are probably saying, but I can't take the pain anymore.  I hear you.  I've been there!  However, the pain is not the enemy.  In many ways, it is our friend.  The more we connect to it, the more we will dissipate the energy of the pain.

Taking medication, pain pills or employing healing techniques that only focus on getting rid of the pain, are like trying to stop the flow of water from a fireman's hose with just your finger.  These are stop gap measures at best, but they do not take care of the pain.  They mask the pain.  Masking the pain so you don't feel it or recognize it, does not mean it has gone away.

Our body is a complex system with many checks and balances.  The more we have endured in life, or the more stress we place our body under, our biology is changed.  When our biology is changed, it tries hard to get our attention and help us find our way toward greater awareness, consciousness and evolution.

Through the pain, we have the opportunity of listening to our body and discovering things about our self that we may not realize exist.  Through the pain, we have the opportunity to tap into great freedom and peace with our life.  It is through this mind body connection that we become one with our self and our humanity.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's book is a great book to read.  It is not just for stroke survivors, but should be read by everyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and their brain.  It is a must read!  You can purchase her book on Amazon through the following link:  My Stroke Of Insight .

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  1. Very nice blog and I like it so much. I also experience pain I think almost of the time, I usually used some pain relievers to lessen the pain. Wanted to have a copy of Dr. Taylor's book, hope I can afford to buy.






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