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Getting Rid Of The Pain

Getting Rid Of The Pain

One of the things that I keep seeing in an online course that I am taking is comments by people who cannot understand why the pains in their body increase as they begin to shift their energy.  As a society, we do not understand pain and we fear the pain because often it is too intense for our life.

So many times, we want to flee from the pain and find ways to get rid of it, rather than going into the pain.  I see advertisements all the time from new age healers and massage therapies that focus on "getting rid of the pain".  In addition, there are many advertisements that we see, offering some medication or procedure to help us get rid of the pain.  We also find ways to minimize the pains in life and in our body by ignoring it, numbing it, and hoping that it will go away with all kinds of "funky home remedies".

Time and time again, we fail to understand pain.  It is a messenger of the body.  It is there as a biofeedback mechanism to alert us to some area that needs attention.  Of course, when we feel the pains in our body or in our life, we immediately want to run to someone for answers.  Instead of going deep within ourself and asking the questions in life we need to ask, we look for the easy way out.  Unfortunately the easy way out may bring us temporary relief, but in the end, the pain will once again show up.

Getting rid of the pain can sometimes be helpful in giving our body and life a rest.  The trick is, if we believe in the therapy or the person as taking our pain away, we are only living an illusion.  Pain is there to get our attention and show us the way forward in our life.  It is there to wake us up and to help us connect to a bigger purpose in our life.

We can embrace the pain, ask what the purpose is and go into it, or we can continue to do what we always do in life and avoid it.  It is up to each one of us what we do with it.  The lessons we need to learn may not be immediately apparent to us, but the more we quiet our mind and go deep within our body, the more we will discover and learn.  The amazing thing we might see along the way is that as we shift energetically and as we become more aware and conscious, the pain most likely will go away.  Assuming of course, that we release the energy within our body, rather than continue holding on to it.

Sometimes this process does not happen over night and other times it can happen very quickly.  Past trauma, abuses, hurts and pains in our life can drive these things so deep that the pain becomes a well from deep within our mind body connection.  When we begin to shift in life or become aware, it is not uncommon for us to dredge up the toxic poisons within our body.  The pain we may feel as a result can get intense, but getting rid of the pain and releasing it, is the way to reclaim that part of our life.

I know it isn't easy to let go of these painful parts of life and sometimes we want the process to happen as quickly and instantly as sending a text message.  Unfortunately, the process can sometimes take considerable time and it may require considerable work to deal with everything.  This is part of the journey of self discovery and self awareness as we move towards a greater consciousness.

Without this part, we may truly not understand all there is to know about getting rid of the pain in our life.  In fact, it may be difficult in the moment to fully understand the bigger picture of life and why these issues are a struggle for us.  Let us not lose site of bigger picture of consciousness for our life by just hoping that some quick fix will take the pain away.

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  1. Yes, it's an up and down, in an out business, 'recovery'. Pain in all its various forms, is always on the alert, (as you pointed out)with its mission messages. As a person in my senior years, I have things left to learn, and can still at times, feel the fearful, confusing, wilderness spring up in and around me again; feel it tangling around my thoughts, my mind, as well as my aching muscles. However, the efforts I've made towards recovery, over many years, have born rich and lasting fruits. Creativity died for a very long time, but it was born again, and continues to flourish daily and joyously.

    many thanks,






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